ICAN BPO: Remodeling Marketing Allocation into Return Ensured Investments

Jagdish Iyer,President & Group CEO

Jagdish Iyer

President & Group CEO

Heritage outsourcing players have always found their rhythm in managing the dashboards for large corporates, since merely a general push in results is often satisfactory in the segment. On the flip side of the coin, the Small & Medium Enterprise (SME) sector, which drives 45 percent of India's industrial output and 40 percent of the total exports from the country, remains underserved and often unserved in terms of external business management assistance, accounting to organizations’ (SMEs) rigorous resource allocation and laser-focus on ROI. Already making such a significant impact in the economy by almost sowing and reaping themselves, just imagine the numbers they can achieve with 360 degree external assistance.

With a vision to steer SMEs towards success, ICAN BPO offers aforementioned vital 360 degree assistance predominantly to Retail and Healthcare markets of North America & India. Customer acquisition on a performance based model being its forte, ICAN provides its clients with a comprehensive suite of services encompassing the soup-to-nuts Customer Relationship Management (CRM) lifecycle - from targeting & segmentation of audience to Customer Acquisition, Engagement & Retention (ICARE). Under the aegis of a management team that brings in 130+ years of cumulative experience, ICAN effectually leverages its proprietary customer behavior predictive algorithms, high-end technologies, and a superior de-risked execution model to enable its clients an assured ROI. The company’s ICARE approach further combines with a wide horizon of offerings ranging from Finance & Accounting Practice (IFAP), Consumer Lending Practice (IFIN) and Technology Consulting Practice (IAPPS), and thus acting as a one stop-shop-stop for enabling success.

Making Clients Say 'ICAN'
Bootstrapped by three deeply experienced IT professionals - Jagdish Iyer (Group CEO &President), Nitin Chacko (Managing Director & SBU Head), Vinod Rao (Sr. Vice President) and, who were later on joined by Adarsh Shetty (Sr. Vice President), ICAN came into existence in 2009. Over the years, know-how of this young team has been instrumental in understanding the dynamics of SMEs. In addition, since the team has strong experience of working with large international corporates, ICAN has carved an extremely professional outfit, which in turn significantly facilitates the company to be extremely flexible. While engaging with large outsourcing companies, needless to say, SMEs don’t even get an opportunity to discuss their goals & targets with the senior management, and this is where ICAN becomes impeccable. The topline management personnel, who involve in every aspect of the company’s business on a daily basis, directly attend clients and ensure their hands-on contributions in every project, and this methodology has proven highly effective while combating versatile challenges on behalf of its clients. Indeed, while approaching challenges, it believes in not having a mantra at all.

Having partnered with an entire gamut of trusted digital marketing companies across the world, which leverage every possible digital channel for marketing including Email
Marketing, Pay-Per-Click Advertising (PPC),Display Advertising, Social Media Marketing (SMM) and Affiliate Marketing, in addition to utilizing cross-sales, ICAN makes it look easy while driving huge volumes of internet and mobile based traffic for its clients. Once the company comprehends the prospects, it employs a large pool of highly trained & experienced resources across geographies that are capable of communicating with prospects & customers regardless of technology/IP/telecom platforms to close deals for its clients. On demand, it also kicks in its IFAP services including transaction processing, acquiring merchant account and managing the backend for the same. To further ease the acquisition process, ICAN brings to bear its large investments in cutting edge technology infrastructure and platform agnostic application development expertise, alongside employing a bulk of highly qualified technologists who help clients in harvesting variety of technology channels.

Under the aegis of a management team that brings in 130+ years of cumulative experience, ICAN effectually leverages its proprietary customer behavior predictive algorithms, high-end technologies, and a superior de risked execution model to enable its clients an assured ROI

Post closing a deal, the real challenge shows its face - engagement and retention of customers. ICAN believes in reaching out to customers and encouraging product and/or service usage, which in fact has worked well for the company big time with significant reduction in customer attrition and by providing an additional reference channel for further customer acquisitions. Well, its unique measurement tools provide clients with lucid visibility into the ROI on such activities. “Our acclaimed measurement tools ensure that our clients are in most cases able to meet and exceed not just sales and retention targets but also do it in the most ROI efficient manner possible. We provide 24x7 support across channels including telephony, chat/IM and email. For many of our clients, we have transformed customer support into a line function as opposed to being a mere cost center,” asserts Nitin.

Miles to Go
After almost a decade, ICAN today manifests convenient engagement models for its customers, though eventually, all the efforts boil down to charging only when clients get their ROI. No wonder, the company has emerged as a 'profit center' (not a cost center) trusted by hundreds of clients in the North American market, and even re-routes its business to friend-firms & financially backs up its recently started India operations, where the company recognizes immense potential– as the country lacks a model that works on customer-acquisition basis. En route to the future, the company is looking forward to press its current footprints further, rather than exploring a new geography. Being an established brand in the U.S with an office in New Jersey and a delivery center in Philadelphia, ICAN has also stepped into medical billing as part of its plan to explore more of the segments that the company currently operates in. Still remaining as self-funded company without any debt, ICAN today is open to possible mergers, with an aim to expand its capacity to handle more clients simultaneously and in turn, to grow its revenue by threefold.
Giving the Success back to Society
A people-centric company that preserves its resources like pearls through an employee friendly work culture and by adopting strategic on-job training methods, ICAN is home to 600 plus people among which 250 plus resources use its infrastructure to work for ICAN clients in outsourced model. Along with its employees, ICAN time and again has taken several initiatives to touch lives outside the professional arena. Pledging it support to Rays of Hope Ministries and Suryoday School being one of the recent examples. Through this initiatives, the company hopes to make a difference to the many orphans and providing education to under privileged children with mental disabilities, just as it has done with its internal and external clients. The generosity of ICAN doesn’t stop with financial help, but also extends to physically present with the kids at least once in a quarter, which further testifies to the company’s strong ethical convictions and moral codes. “We look at this effort as a way of giving to the society what the society has given to us – sustenance. We do see an indirect correlation of these activities with business values, which by extension drive business operations – after all socially aware and active organizations are more likely to stand the test of time, and we are one of the proofs of that,” concludes Nitin. Indeed, alongside ICAN thriving to new levels, the company is highly committed in taking its CSR activities to next level.

Key Management:
Jagdish Iyer, President & Group CEO
Jagdish has over 22 years of experience across industries in various senior and executive management capacities. He is a successful entrepreneur with experience in starting up and rapidly growing businesses. In 2003, he co-founded Adventity, a full service BPO/KPO company and grew that to a 4000 plus people global business in five years and later became part of the Sutherland Global Services (Thane) offices handling Mortgages, Airlines and Ticketing services. Prior to that, he was working in the IT services industry in the US that included among others a stint with Infosys Technologies. He started his career as an investment banker in India and also worked for Reuters PLC in the Asia Pacific region.

Nitin Chacko, Managing Director & SBU Head
Nitin has over 16 years of experience in managing all aspects of different types of outsourced operations in technology, media, telecom, financial services, travel, and insurance industries.

Vinod Rao, Sr. Vice President – Operations and Quality Assurance
Responsible for a large part of ICAN’s Operations, Quality Assurance, and many key Client Relationships, Vinod has over 14 years of operational management experience in BPO industry.

Adarsh Shetty, Sr. Vice President – Talent Acquisition and Training
Adarsh has over 14 years of experience across the financial services, media, telecom and outsourcing industries.

• Customer Acquisition, Engagement & Retention (ICARE)
• Finance & Accounting Practice (IFAP)
• Consumer Lending Practice (IFIN)
• Technology Consulting Practice (IAPPS)

Offices: Thane (Headquarter), New Jersey (Business office) & Philadelphia (Delivery Office)

Partner Centers:Mumbai, Philippines, Dominican Republic, Belize and Jamaica