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  • 10 Most Promising BPO Management Service Providers - 2017

    World is getting smaller and people are no more intimidated of the foreign persona. Businesses are crossing borders and have an ample number of participants who are willing switch their nations for an opportunity overseas. This mix of culture has brought in a new of method of service and that is called regional specific customer orientation. Business Processing Management industry plays a vital role in narrowing this gap and amalgamating the regional and global industrial practices by engaging with customers all over the world. First to hit the Indian soil a decade ago, the industry brought along with itself the chance to work in different sectors and learn the art of customer handling that was very limited in the earlier days. Today this industry offers employment opportunities to...

10 Most Promising BPO Management Service Providers - 2017

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Aleris Technologies Aleris Technologies Asahtan Marsh, President Built with a vision to provide high level data security, the company understands the requirement of the customer and crafts industry & customer centric solutions to suit their requirement and budget
Altruist Technologies Altruist Technologies Dheeraj Aggarwal, Co-Founder A Mobile Social Networking expert, the company manages end to end the mobile/digital strategy for multiple media brands and hosts & manages voice infrastructure for leading content owners and distributors
C Zentrix C Zentrix Raju Moza, CFO The organisation invests in research, design & develops new technologies to help the B2C segment and small business gain scalbility and visbility
Magnum Group Magnum Group Vijitraj Rishi, Director Managed by a team of experienced professionals with extensive international expertise, the company facilitates organisations with RO, BPO, O&M, Security and many more efficiently and economically
Meridium Technologies Meridium Technologies Sukhjinder Kumar, Owner Leveraging extensive experience to proffer tailor-made services and solutions to a vast client network, right from setting up BPO business to successful execution and long life
Panacea BPO Services Panacea BPO Services Vidula Tokekar, Director Assisting companies in building impeccable backend processing solution, the organisation in foused on streamling the functionality of customers to enable them to focus on their core operational growth
Pioneer Callnet Pioneer Callnet Randhir Khosla, Owner Enabling companies to recruit a relevant & talented workforce, while helping candidates acquire their dream job where their skills & expertise can be deployed to the mximum
Talent Resourze Talent Resourze Salman Ansari, CEO A leading recruitment and corporate training & development company ensuring talents with robust communication and accent skills for BPOs and employability to its candidates
Trigem Solutions Trigem Solutions Maj SMA Nahri, Director Leveraging professional expertise & experience, the company provides businesses worldwide with reliable, professional-class network environments to develop and host web sites, professional training & consultation,