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  • 10 Most Promising Sourcing Service Providers - 2018

    The inception of the sourcing industry can be traced back to the establishment of Texas Instruments in Bangalore in 1985. The eventual era of the 90s saw a steep growth in the global industrial establishment in the country. With international airlines, manufacturing organisations, and many other industries seeping in their roots in the Indian soil, it became impertinent to grow an entirely different, yet relevant organ that can help encompass this rapid growth and aid in sustaining this growth without letting it collapse under its own weight. The sourcing industry has since been a vital segment of the Indian as well as global market, contributing close to 12 percent to the global GDP and magnifying the requirement of workforce and invariably increasing the employee base that gives...

10 Most Promising Sourcing Service Providers - 2018

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
A2Z Buying Services A2Z Buying Services Priyadarshini Arora, Managing Director & Managing Partner One Stop Solution for all the Quality Assurance, Quality Control and Sourcing requirements, the company is leverging industrial experience & epxertise to help companies regulate their offerings more effectively
APAC Sourcing Solutions APAC Sourcing Solutions Arjun, President & CEO The organisation leverages its strategic sourcing offering, one of the key methods enabling companies to lower their expenditure and imrove their service or product quality
Chiketa Chiketa Rahul Sarkar, Founder & Director A sourcing firm helping businesses break into the global market, thereby negating loss of time & capital and investing in juducious financial & trade decisions to focus essentially on core expansion
Crowntex Clothing Crowntex Clothing A.R.Castro & E.Karthikeyan, Partners One-stop-solution for all Jersey products handled by well experienced teams who ensure quick delivery of requisite quantities
KPL Sourcing KPL Sourcing R.V Kanoria, Chairman Specialzing in marketing, distribution and sourcing for high end global giants as well as SMEs and helping them gian a more streamlined business functionality
Neo Group Neo Group Atul Vashistha, Chairman Analysing real-time data to frame self-sustained strategies/advices and devise right solutions to obtain clients’ desired outcomes
Pinnacle Pinnacle Himanshu Kapoor, Head, India With a 17 year experience & global footprint, the company provides services at various stages of a client's Strategic Sourcing Lifecycle covering the entire gamut of low cost country sourcing solutions
S&T Corporate S&T Corporate Surendra. T. Savai, Chairma & Managing Director Deploying industrial expertise and in-depth understanding the company and providing solutions through continuous innovations by differentiated products & services
WWI Sourcing WWI Sourcing Amitkumar Rameshchandra Barot, Director With keen focus on research and expertise, knowledge & experience in the fields of Sourcing cum Indenting, Procurement and Import, the company helps customers gain more strategic edge towards business processing