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  • 10 Most Promising Customer Feedback Software Providers – 2017

    The ways in which customer feedback proves beneficial for businessenterprises are many. It helps improve a product or service, measurescustomer satisfaction, offers actionable insights, aids in customer retention, helps in formulating robust business strategies, and assistsin identifying customer advocates. In a competitive landscape, utilizingthe advantages of customer feedback is a determinant that decides the veryexistence of companies. This is particularly the case of new-found enterprises,which have to be open-eared towards the opinions and sentiments of theircustomers to thrive in their businesses. The feedback collected through the web,mobile devices, contact centers, retail outlets and other platforms is subjectedto machine learning to uncover the most useful insights and to...

10 Most Promising Customer Feedback Software Providers – 2017

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Datawise Datawise Vinay Kumar, CEO Administering different facets of Customer Experience Management for companies comprehensively using discrete tools such as DATTAB, SatisACTual, ServQual, Optilox and Meow
Delicon Delicon Dhinakar Aravindhan, CEO A customised, quick, and intelligent application that enables businesses to collect feedback and track customer experience
Kritick Analytics Kritick Analytics Lakshmi Sharma, Founder A highly proficient organization de-cluttering and automating the customer feedback monitoring through its contemporary and smart analytic features
POSist POSist Ashish Tulsian, CEO & Co-Founder A SaaS based Restaurant management platform which helps its owner manage their restaurants (both single outlet and chains) with user friendly feedback mechanism.
Repup Repup Pranjal Prashar, Founder & CEO A multilingual online platform that helps hotelliers make sense of countless review data along with price comparision widget
Right2Vote Right2Vote NeerajGutgutia, Founder & CEO Simplifying the feedback processes for surveys, feedbacks, competitions, reality shows, social activism and elections through unmatched India-specific solutions
Sentiments Sentiments Aditya Ahluwalia, Founder A simple feedback tool that enables users to give feedback in the form of emojis from their mobiles
Survtapp Survtapp Nakul Mehra, Founder A survey software that lets you capture any kind of data for businesses to leverage from data opportunities and make data driven decisions for various aspects of a business