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  • 10 Most Promising 3PL Service Providers - 2021

    As company grows they encounter many challenges associated with increased customer-base and new locations, updated manufacturing methods, and other factors. For some companies, meeting these challenges with investment in capital and overhead is ultimately not the most financially visible option. Many times, it's a better option for these companies to look outside their walls to third party service providers to deliver the enhanced functions that they need to continue growing. Logistics is certainly one of those functions that can benefit greatly from choosing the right third party partner. WHAT IS 3PL? -  3PL is basically a variety of services and processes that are provided to a business by an external company for a variety of reasons such as wanting to reduce costs,...

Top 10 Most Promising 3PL Service Providers - 2021

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Alo Logistics Alo Logistics Muneeb Arif, Partner It is a unit of SRD Logistics business with network of 152 centers pan India
Cold Care Group Cold Care Group Dr. P Upender Rao, Founder Facilitating logistics & transport transport with logistics, supply chain managememt, 3PL services, C&F agents, house shifting, transportation
DIESL DIESL Balaguru Munusamy, Milind Madhav Shahane, Sargunaraj Ravichandran, Directors It is a 100 percent subsidiary of TVS Logistics Services, and one of the leading company in distribution space
Fit 3PL Fit 3PL Chandrasekhar, CEO The company is a 20+ years old company specializing in contract logistics and in duration, it has grown to be a full-fledged 3PL company providing end to end logistics services such as warehousing, distribution, in-plant logistics, fulfilment, first mile, long haul, express, last mile, packaging, and other value-added services
Lakshmi Cargo Lakshmi Cargo Vidyalalshmi Sudhakar, CEO Provider of customer brokerage, freight forwarding, parcel services, 3PL, transport and courier services
Pentagon Water Lines Pentagon Water Lines Murli Sutrave, Director, Jayamala (Aka Sangita) Sutrave, Director, Lakshmi Pile Provider of specialist freight transport services and logistics that are of a consistent, high quality standard wheat her in main stream trades
Serama Logistics Serama Logistics Kamatchi Selvam, Managing Director & CEO The company has made a name for itself in the list of top service providers of in India and it is providing free trade warehousing, international freight forwarding, 3PL/4PL warehousing, in-plant logistics and related services
SK Logistics SK Logistics Dakshesh Shah, CEO It is a one stop solution for pharmaceutical warehousing and repacking needs
Vignesh Transport Vignesh Transport Vipin Das, CEO, Jithin Das, COO, Sivadas V.G, Director Facilitating logistics & transport transport with logistics, supply chain management, 3pl services, C&F agents, house shifting, transportation