Inland World Logistics: Provides The Safe And Stable Supply Of Logistics

Praveen Somani,Managing Director

Praveen Somani

Managing Director

The third-party logistics (3PL) landscape has altered significantly in the last decade and is tipped to experience further growth and change as mobile technologies and 'smart' working practices develop. Inland World Logistics is one of the stresses free comprehensive logistics solutions providers. Headquartered in Mumbai, Inland World Logistics has been in the logistics segment since four decades. The company is in Multi-Model Logistics services and offers Sundry, Express, FTL, Bulk Movement, Project Cargo, Super ODC, Exim Services, and 3PL Warehousing.

Furthermore, it offers services like multimodal logistics - rail, road, future plans to start air, 3pl, warehousing and value added customised services, ODC consignments as well. Inland World Logistics is the flagship company and core strength of the Inland Group. Committed to conducting business with excellence by improved technologies and facilities, IWL has continually provided consumers with reliable, end-to-end logistics solutions while upholding business ethics and practices.

Inland World Logistics currently has over 550 offices/outlets, a fleet of vehicles, and a nationwide network. Keeping with the tradition of providing good quality and timely service, IWL is likely to be the finest logistics company in India and a globally respected industry leader. In support of the cashless India mission, Inland has started long back the utilization of Petrocard, FASTag, Online Vendor Payment, and Salary and Reimbursement Payment online.
Experienced Team And Seasoned Leaders
Training and skill development activities are Inland's norm, and the company routinely performs training and inductions through in-house and external faculty at multiple locations to cover PAN India employees. This allows workers to boost their abilities and career development. In-house employees getting equal opportunities in promotions and Inland has satisfied employees those working more than 30 Years.

This helps the company in employee retention. In Inland World Logistics, the company always chooses the best one in the company's workforce team. It always motivates the company to provide better output to the industry. Inland, the management team was made up of seasoned founders and top industry leaders and experts, adding years of strong industry expertise to the most favored integrated logistics service company.

They manage the high reputation and culture of Inland and strive continually to give the team the best and assist the company to succeed. The key team members of Inland often provide the best leadership skills and perspective to other team members and are proficient in their realms. “We successfully executed deliveries in sensitive locations like Ladhak, Port Blar Mizoram, Manipur, and Shillong and we feel proud that we have delivered the telecommunication equipment at Ladakh and other sensitive areas,”says Praveen Somani, Managing Director, Inland World Logistics.

The company is in multi-model logistics services and offers sundry, express, FTL, bulk movement, project cargo, super ODC, EXIM services, and 3pl warehousing

Challenges And Customer Satisfaction
Perpetual inventory, Process of the physical stock count, Route Plan for daily dispatches, Sizing of Warehouse and Time and Motion study for man and machine requirements are the unique factors and services of Inland. Inland faces challenges in terms of difficult terrain for the customers, which the company addresses with warehouses at Port Blair, Nagaland and Gangtok with the distribution. The business is powerful in distributing the last mile around the country and in the sensitive east region. Reducing inventory, delivering smaller quantities and Optimizing transportation costs while delivering smaller quantities are the other set of challenges Inland faces in the industry.

Upgradation And Innovations
Inland aims to develop the technology by seamless information flow and live visibility for dealers in the coming years and provide real-time stock/online billing wm (waste management) system information.