RR Living: State Of The Art Kitchen Concepts

As the world gets more urbanized, it is also bringing about an evolution in the standard of living. The kitchen concepts segment is opening up. As the new heart of the home, it demands new thinking. At the heart of any planning examples lies the visible reduction to the essential and constructive. Any kitchen that gets designed should be clean-lined, timeless, open ­ and above all functional. The quality of a kitchen is still judged by its design and surfaces; the workmanship, however, is often invisible to the person buying the kitchen. High proportion of in-house production, continuous product development, continuous quality control as well as efficient suppliers. Precisely to the millimeter kitchen per kitchen are fitted on modern production lines, finally assembled by skilled workers and within the production flow they are controlled several times according to the guide lines of quality management.

"RR Living's mission is to design to reality and develop high-end kitchen concepts from Germany, custom made for Indian cooking specifications, which can be modelled according to individual space requirements. Using customer-centric approach, the goal is to fashion practical, perfect and perennial environs to meet the needs of the judicious clientele. By listening keenly and anticipating their needs, RR Living guides its clients through the exciting journey of turning their dreams into reality. We design and develop high-end, premium kitchens custom made for Indian values and traditions. Our goal is to guide our clients to design their dream kitchens into reality. We believe in quality, functionality and fashion practical kitchens, our experience of past 17 years in this industry keeps us engaged", states Sanjay Bhatia, Managing Partner, RR Living.

Living Up To Expectations
Today, the demands and expectations are continuously being redefined. This calls for highly qualified team who practice perfection from incoming inspection to finishing. Crucial here is RR Living's quality management that monitors and steers every step of the manufacturing pro-cess with the necessary sensitivity. Ongoing audits and tests in the testing laboratory in line with RAL GZ ¬, ISO and GS, tested safety, accompany the entire production chain. Here, not a single detail escapes the trained eye of their engineers when it comes to ensuring constant quality. Listening, identifying trends, outlining solutions, thinking about the future, being a step ahead is few parameters where they keep working constantly to mitigate challenges.

We have 230,000 m² of which 143,000 m² are currently under roof. Up to now continuous investments into the automation of the production, the logistics centre, the truck fleet, a heating central operating with waste timber and many more

"The customer centric approach is our major USP. Our designers create a design based on the requirements given by our client. we create a virtual walk through where the client cam access the same sitting at home some meeting happen over online platforms to avoid them visiting our office many time during pandemic, we have a virtual showroom so they can also walk through the showroom and visually feel different kitchens, helping them get a understanding sitting at comfort of their home", says Sanjay.

"We have 230,000 m² of which 143,000 m² are currently under roof. Up to now continuous investments into the automation of the production, the logistics centre, the truck fleet, a heating central operating with waste timber and many more. There are 2 series, schuller C series and next125. These days, manufacturing high quality fitted kitchens not only means making them but also involves a systemically coordinated procedure for procurement, production, logistics, organisation, marketing and sales. Pooling this competence in a "corporate family" makes us unique and particularly efficient when it comes to acting quickly and demonstrating ingenuity. Short channels, fast decision making processes and accessibility for our customers are particularly important for us in this regard", he adds.

Planning For The Future
As an environmentally-aware, nature-loving manufacturer, reducing CO2 emissions is a matter that is one of the core mottos of RR Living. Thanks to the continual improvement of their carbon footprint, they were certified a "carbon-neutral furniture manufacturer" by the German furniture quality assurance association Deutsche Gütegemein schaft Möbel e.V. (DGM). The company has commit-ted itself to the ISO 50001 energy management standard in 2010 and decided to undergo certification to the PEFC standard. The focus in this regard is that the wood and wood-based materials used to make their kitchens come from sustainably managed forests and controlled sources.

Speaking about the roadmap ahead of the company, Sanjay concludes, "Future roadmaps is expansions to other cities viz, New Delhi, Chandigarh, Bangalore, Chennai, Bhopal. We are master franchisee for German kitchen brand Schuller and next125 and planning to expand it in Tier 1 and some good Tier 2 cities."