Kodak TV: A Revolutionary Viewer Experience

Television possesses a diversified utility which includes aesthetic values and is a source of entertainment. It has always been an aim of the players in this industry to provide the end consumer with a perfect viewer experience and sustain in the industry for long. After ruling the camera industry for ages, Kodak now targets the television industry. From traditional monitors to TFT's the contemporary consumers reflect a liking towards LCD monitors. Kodak launches television as its brand new product. It has become the first Indian company to partner with Google for android to bring Indian manufactured and smart TV range with android 9 and 10.

The vision of putting India on the global map as the leading smart TV manufacturers, Kodak is constantly innovating to bring in a patented technology that's at par with international standards, for Indian consumption. Kodak's CA model is the best android smart 10 in India which refers to the fact that the company is doing as great as it used to do in the camera industry. The company has already taken over the market position of many other television companies with its CA model.

Amit Singh Marwah, Director, Kodak TV lists the specifications of the CA model saying, "MEMC Technology, it will make even the fast-moving visuals appear seamless by minimizing lag. Bezel-less Design, Dolby Digital Plus and DTS TruSurround Sound, with features such as the Dolby Digital Plus and the DTS TruSurround sound in place, this TV will be nothing short of a visual and aural spectacle. Connectivity Options, it comes with multiple ports including USB 3.0, HDMI ARC/CEC, and Bluetooth (v5.0). Performance, enjoy an enthralling visual experience with great performance, as this TV comes with the quad-core CPU, Mali quad-core GPU, and a clock speed of 1 GHz. Ergonomically Designed Remote, accessing entertainment is now right at your fingertips. This TV's ergonomically designed remote features dedicated hotkeys for your preferred apps (Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, YouTube, and Google Play Store). You can even use your voice to navigate through, as the remote is equipped with Google Assistant."

Kodak has set internet and article intelligence (AI) as the factors. With the internet, the company has just fulfilled the basic requirement of this generation's television

Company Promises
Kodak believes that there needs to be some significant factors in order to boost up the products' attractiveness. Thus, Kodak has set internet and article intelligence (AI) as the factors. With the Internet, the company has just fulfilled the basic requirement of this generation's television. Furthermore, with the AI system, the company got the opportunity to promise a better future. Therefore, it is to say that the company is looking forward to making its products even better in the future.

The Director states, "Through Kodak's AI, with just one command people will be able to watch all of their favourite movies, get all the latest news, current temperature". Price ever because the company's mission is "to make day-to-day life easier in every space by bringing people-friendly technology perfect for entertainment, work, and learning."

Scope And Credibility
Kodak TV does a lot of target marketing, especially to the customer whose intent of buying gadgets is high. The company is always open to challenges such as first com-pare it and then buy it. To the context of challenges, the Director says, "We always tell our customers to first compare it and then buy it, and if you are comparing us with the top 3 for their 43 inches smart TV you can get a Kodak 55 4k TV. This strategy has worked out well for us".

This is how affordable Kodak TV is. The company is mainly targeting the people who are already a Kodak fan. A segment of people who are not so is going to be by the new TV with android pie OS. According to the Director, "It's a fully loaded tv with Android pie, Dolby Vision, Dolby digital plus, DTS, HDR 10, Bluetooth version 5.0, official Netflix and prime videos, frameless tv, etc. This is India's most affordable Android tv, available on Flipkart and is available at an affordable price". Due to the magnificent TVs, Kodak has gained awards of Best budget TV-2019, Best manufacturing 2019 and many more.

Kodak TV is very less likely to shatter customer expectations. Kodak is not a startup company, thus, it knows how to value and stay connected with customers' expectations. It is one of the world's most popular brands after Apple, Pepsi and McDonald's. Therefore, it knows how to overcome challenges and deliver the best products. Moreover, the users of Kodak TV say that they could relate to the brand and the kind of technology products that have been launched.