Pharmaglance: Pragmatic And Cost-Effective Solutions Provider For Pharma & FMCG Industries

It by the global pandemic, as the world came to a halt in 2020, Pharmaglance Consultancy took strides. Founded in the same year, the Hyderabad-based consultancy firm was born to support the essential aspects pertaining to technical, engineering, process, design, project management, commissioning, and validation services in pharmaceutical and FMCG domains.

An industry veteran, Umesh Deshmukh, CEO, Pharmaglance set foot on the consultancy journey having been associated with several reputed pharma companies like Cipla, Lupin, Sun Pharma for around 22 years. In his quest to offer practical and industry-relevant solutions backed by his credible team's hands-on expertise, Pharmaglance ventured into designing MVP, HVAC, servicing the process and engineering facets in the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, FMCG, and medical instrument industry at a crucial point.

"We started working in March last year, a critical juncture when everyone had stopped normal operations. Our initial target was mostly International clientele in North & South Africa, Asian and European countries but the pandemic made us rethink our goals. And, surprisingly we discovered a great scope domestically. We were willing to service companies at reasonable rates in such a crisis when they needed urgent work to be done since most resources weren't available. We worked with some industry giants at this point such as Cipla, Kent pharma, Lupin, and further, scored three major projects in Algeria, Turkey, and Sri Lanka. We were gradually growing and likewise began improving our offerings," informs Deshmukh.

We personalize our services understanding at best the clients requirements. Such solution offerings give us a lead over our closest competitors

Expanding services with varied consultation assistance
From a single-member entity to a team of 11 engineers and a dedicated team of designers in two of its locations in Pune and Hyderabad, Pharmaglance has seen a rapid progression in an otherwise formidable year for the global economic landscape. "At this point, we have started expanding the consultancy to multiple domains. We started with MVP designing, mechanical electrical, and plumbing piping, but now we have diverted into HVAC, water systems, and are also auditing for pharmaceutical companies. We are diversifying ourselves into multiple segments; auditing, designing, and soon we will add the venture of light, clean room, light fixtures in the next three, four months," added Deshmukh.

While Pharmaglance positions itself to be the consultant with industry-relevant expertise, most consultancies in the market are led by teams or senior personnel who lack similar insights, and hence their offerings are limited. In the words of the veteran company founder, Pharmaglance has a unique market advantage with its offerings which extend beyond the usual consulting, "Our tagline is very simple: `Your Dreams, Our Commitment'. We see many clients wishing to embark on their venture but have no idea how to initiate, no idea of the product portfolio to explore, this is where we come in. Unlike our competitors, we are interested in dispensing an unabridged consulting experience by offering them new scenarios for technology transfer, an adequate product portfolio, and its regional market positioning more as an associate. We personalize our services understanding at best the clients' requirements. Such solution offerings give us a lead over our closest competitors."

Apart from a sound industry experience, it is the good work that rings loud and this has driving Pharmaglance's increasing client base and helping it score more projects in the recent months. The year-old firm's steady growth is already reflective of the expansion of its two offices; the main operational office is situated in Pune while the branch office is located in Hyderabad. With its young dynamic team of industry professionals, Pharmaglance is ensuring quality and strategic consulting to its clients for the overall development of the verticals it operates in.