InRain Construction: Creating A Niche By Steering The Standards Of Rain Water Harvesting Industry To Greater Heights

Nishant Gaurav, Technical DirectorThe Rainwater Harvesting industry is a booming market segment in India and by law RWH system is mandatory at least in urban area of our country, including far off warehouses, manufacturing plant, hospitals, school, public areas, malls as well as hospitals. InRain Construction is a pioneering name in this industry segment and as a team they are engaged in mapping over exploited areas due to drastically increased demand of water from the ground.

The company has been helping government and private sectors to recharge the aquifer by millions of gallons of water very month and their work is still on. InRain Construction Private Limited (ICPL) are primarily into Manufacturing and installation of advanced RWH system and apart from this they are water conservation and management consultant to many of prestigious projects of Govt of India, smart cities, Urban local bodies and MNCs for VES Survey, Long term water impact assessment, water auditing and hydrological investigation to name a few.

ICPL aspires to offer socio economical solutions towards the existing methods of Rain Water Harvesting. The company’s Recycle- Polymer based RWH System is developed using the technology adopted from Germany and now it’s a proud partner of “Make In India”. This is indeed entirely different from how conventional rain water systems were made using cement and brick walls.
A few benefits of their scientific RWH system includes a) stackable Structures are quick to arrange and the same turns into a Rain Water, b) Holding Tank below the Ground within no time as compared to making Civil Pit, c) InRain Re-PP Tank can be used for recharging the Water Table and Percolation, d) Using filtration system, developed ‘in house’ by ICPL R&D team, clean rain water is trapped in the tank thereby saving on maintenance part tremendously as it is very easy & handy with negligible maintenance cost as compared to conventional systems, e) Precious land over the RWHP tank is not wasted, since it is a load bearing structure and can bear tons of loads thereby making the whole system truly economical as compared with the case of having civil pit, f) 95% of the capacity of tank is usable as compared to only 50-55% usability in case of civil pit, g) No Risk of accidents as no one can fall into this kind of tank whereas having a RCC Civil tank is highly accident prone, h) Easy removable and transportable to any other location which is not possible in case of civil pit, and i) holding / Recharge Capacity begins from 1 Cubic Meter to any imaginable size within significantly lesser time.

ICPL aspires to offer socio economical solutions towards the existing methods of rain water harvesting

All this has helped InRain Construction Private Limited (ICPL) in not just creating but also maintaining an impressive clientele which includes industry leaders such as Honda Plant, Pepsico, Hindustan Unilever (HUL), Smart City, NHAI, PWD, CPWD, Delhi International Airport (T2-Terminal) and Prime ministers Museum (Teen Murti, New Delhi) to mention a few.

While talking about their future plans, Nishant Gaurav, Technical Director adds “We are working for Desalination plant to be more effective in India, so that sea water can also be utilized for drinking process without harming the sea eco system. Apart from that we are also finding more efficient solution for the grey water waste. As an innovative team, we are also working for lithium-ion cell manufacturing for automobiles in our country so that more lithium-ion batteries can be manufactured in India to make our nation carbon emission free. Also, to achieve the same, we are in process of importing lithium from Australia, by detouring our dependency on China”.