BK Communications: Rendering Exceptional Wireless Network Services in the Telecom Market

The increasing growth of unwired communications during the last two decades has paved the way for a good number of companies offering wireless network support. One such organization, that offers complete wireless network support to corporates, government, and semi-government organizations, is BK Communications. The company aims to be a leading IT Telecom communication and network company offering products and services to organizations and individuals after understanding their needs. "We offer remote area communication with no availability of cell phone signals. Such areas include mining, forest, shipping, transportation, even shopping malls basements, hotels, hospitals, event management for crowd management," says AR Khan, the Managing Partner of the company. The services also include communication through walky-talky, VHF/UHF Base Station /Mobile station, RF Radio for voice data and video solution. It also provides a tower mast for radio installation, solar power wherever required at a remote site and takes the complete turnkey job.

Adding to the above statement, Khan says, "We are developing our-selves into a dedicated, committed, and intelligent workforce working towards the ultimate achievement of the aim." The organization provides RF survey, network design, provide POC/Demo, and helps them in getting a license from the concerned authority, sales, and service support with all required accessories available. BK Communications bring solutions by using the latest software OEM for field survey keeping its customers updated with latest invention and innovation in the Government statutory requirement for the wireless use.

We are developing ourselves into a dedicated, committed, and intelligent workforce working towards the ultimate achievement of the aim

"We deal with a most renowned brand like Motorola, Kenwood, ICOM, etc. who have the best products in the market. All these products go through best-in-class testing and certification. We provide test certificates with the products as well," Khan confirms. The company strictly follows all the guide-lines of the Government of India while using licensing of all wireless services. Teamed with OEM Trained Engineers to take up survey design solutions and suggest a suitable model for wireless sets. With experienced engineers who have attended various training for implementing big projects and at most remote locations, BK Communications deliver the most deserving results to its clients. "We are proud of the fact that we are the only organization that has complete solutions for the wireless network across East India," adds Khan. The company has carved a niche across the wireless and telecom market. It has successfully catered turnkey solutions to all kinds of Voice /Data /Video Communication and Security/ Surveillance related requirements in the corporate environment. It strives to obtain customer satisfaction by ensuring its products and services match up to the next level of efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

BK Communications also have well-built partnerships with global players in the RF field offering one-stop solutions ranging from two-way radios in VHF, UHF, and HF frequency bands. It also offers analog trunking and digital trunking in tetra protocol, microwave digital radio, security items such as CCTV Cameras, Door Frame, Metal Detectors Hand Held, Biometric Systems, and many more. Catering such solutions to areas like mines, a steel company, ports, manufacturing, etc. the organization also have products like small segment walkie talkies to wireless communication solution to hotels, hospitals, security agencies, construction companies, event management, etc. By delivering such short-range license-free walkie-talkie services along with other related required telecom services to its clients, BK Communications aims to keep satisfying its clients in the long run.