The Workplace Trends That Will Rule 2020

Bhavin Turakhia, Founder & CEO, Flock Bhavin is a compulsive tech entrepreneur who works with an amazing team of people and continues to do so in his quest to make a difference

With the adoption of new technologies such as artificial intelligence(AI), machine learning(ML), internet of things and connected devices the traditional workplace as we knew it has transformed tremendously. As we are all set to enter a new decade in a few days, it is imperative to understand that the future of work will be fueled by technology.

Here are some trends forces that CHROs and CTOs and their teams must understand to successfully lead in this change intensive time.

•AI will be in the spotlight for hiring processes: With the advent of technology, Indian companies across sectors have slowly warmed up to the idea of using AI for hiring. As we move ahead, using AI for HR will become a norm. Companies will now be using AI for recruiting candidates, scanning resumes, internal talent mobility, training etc. The HR systems that are currently prevalent will transform from data-driven to AI-driven in the coming years. And we step in 2020, AI will not only be
personalized but will be able to cater to the varying needs and requirements of different sectors

•Team collaboration apps will be must-haves: The new decade will witness Gen Z joining the workforce. Being brought up in an era of technological and social changes, they are a tech-savvy group of individuals who are open to embracing changes in the workplace that make it more productive. Hence organizations are adopting team messaging platforms as these platforms are designed for rea time and fast team collaboration. These plat-forms are not only chat applications, but loaded with powerful features making them richer in functionality. From product, design, marketing to IT teams,messaging platforms bring multiple collaborative solutions to the table

Companies need to realize that when employees feel emotionally connected to their workplace, their motivation level automatically increases

•Robust employee engagement: Companies need to realize that when employees feel emotionally connected to their workplace, their motivation level automatically increases. Every organization should work to-wards letting their employee know how much they value them. Facilitating employee's holistic growth in the company will become one of the top-seeking employee workplace trends in 2020.

•Wellness Quotient: The saying,`A healthy mind resides in a healthy body' is true in every sense. Your employees spends 45 hours on an average at the work-place, their mental health thus has to be an organization's priority. Healthy and happy employees aren't just more productive, they're also more fun to work with and be around. 2020 will see HR adopting apps and platforms that measure an employee's happy quotient and wellness pro-grams that help an employee's mental health will be a mandatory practice

Thus, with the right tools and practices in place, you can begin 2020 with the right employee engagement movements. Creating a happy workplace requires investment of the right kind, so gear up and close the gaps as soon as possible.