Why Does Behavioural Matrix Play an Important Role in Hiring a CTO?

Roopa Kumar, COO, Purple QuarterRoopa is a true business leader with core competencies in C-level hiring strategic coaching, business development change management, people management and many other domains.

With rapid technological advancements, the role of a Chief Technological Officer(CTO)is also evolving faster than ever before. Currently the success of every company depends on how quickly they can become accustomed to new technology developments. Only a CTO can help your organization to keep pace with technological innovations and trends. CTOs hold a prominent position today as their role demands active participation in all facets of the business. Presently the CTO of an organization is like an extension of the CEO who adds significant credibility to your company and business offerings.

Although the scope of a CTO's role varies by company size, industry, geography, and culture, almost all organizations are extending the CTO's responsibilities considering their ability to initiate and oversee the transformation of every business process. This trend indicates that apart from having deep technical skills, CTOs also need to have strong
commercial acumen and managerial skills to drive better and faster decision making across the organization.

The CTO with the correct aptitudes or scarcity in that department can represent the deciding moment a startup's achievement changing towards its progressive stage

Here are some of the important behavioural traits of a perfect CTO:
• Concentrating on the Master Plan-­The CTO of your startup needs to concentrate on the master plan,which requires a great deal of vital reasoning. Since their principle job ought to be to guarantee that your organization is utilizing the best mechanical apparatuses and that it is staying aware of the most recent innovative patterns their unwavering focus will enable them to decide if your startup is going on the correct path.

•Flexibility to Various Roles-­As we have just referenced, the jobs of a startup CTO contrast from those of a huge organization's CTO. Along these lines, the individual you decide for this position should most likely arrange with things which are not basically their obligation, for example, venture the board.

•A Stimulator-­ Since the duty of your CTO incorporates building a team of tech leaders and speaking with them all the time, they truly should be a social butterfly who will be responsible to make a well aligned working environment culture, and to advance commitment and inventive work.

•Correspondence/Vocal About their Thoughts or Skilled at Passing-on Their Message-­CTOs are frequently individuals who were marked as geeks sooner or later in their life. On the off chance that you know any, at that point you are very much aware of how correspondence may be somewhat of a test for them. While being given to realizing is the thing that empowered them to create innovative ability, note that social aptitudes are similarly significant.