HRMS - Injecting Automation

Anjani Kumar, Operations Head ­ IT Staffing at Spectrum Talent Management Having over 14+ years of rich experience of managing large scale people operation, Anjani Kumar has worked extensively on various ‘Managed service models’in the areas of contract workforce management and capability development.

Connecting the Human Resource with a process driven system either through any HR software or any systematic well defined methodology is the today's need of industry. Various functions of organization are getting optimized by automating the repetitive and time consuming tasks. HR functions should also free up some of their time by automating some uninteresting and tire some task and invest into employee, which is said to be the asset of the organization.

Organizations are now seeing HR with different perspective. It can be more diligent and dynamic in contributing the overall growth of business, if engaged well with a clear vision. HR is no more a traditional support function but it is more of a business function now. It is the key to every function which can give an astonishing market research and intelligence to grow and develop strategy and get the desired output. For the above said statement, we DO need a strong and flexible HRMS tool which can transform the landscape of HR by collaborating the information and assignment at the easily accessible place for employees and managers. HRMS can assist organizations to make effective decisions and flatten the structure to get desired output. HR can also contribute in various business intelligence e.g. by enablement in providing data, Headcount, different trends etc. to management, organization is in a better situation to predict the future output.

Automating the payroll and workforce management is an old trend in the industry. Now, we are optimizing this trend and with the technology inputs, we are making our life easier and faster. We improvised ourselves from an attendance
register to cloud based systems for handling remote teams and employees. Technology made us platform and device independent. We started using web based portals to access employee’s attendance, performance and task success activity. We have optimized options like web based or mobile based application to handle basic as well as critical HR functions starting from attendance management to performance appraisal and training and development. AI based HRMS software are also available in market which are helping organizations in the process of recruitment and selections. Chatbot or AI based screening softwares are getting used for preliminary assessment of candidates, which is saving time money and effort in the process of selecting the right fitment for the organization. These softwares are so convenient that they smartly pick-up the resumes and interact with the employees on their convenient time to collect the basic as well as critical details to analyse the essentials and fitment. Software companies are coming with new features and facilities like video hiring, web conferencing, situational and psychometric quiz etc. to find and invite the talent without geographical or any other constraint. Many softwares are available for Talent Management, Payroll Management Benefits Administration, Learning Management, Grievance Management Systems etc. to reduce the work load of HR department and enabling them to focus more on organization and people development.

HRMS playing a philanthropic role is what we would like to see in the industry, with a ZERO error platform

And now, when companies have started shifting towards cloud based HRMS Automation, effective utilization is the most concerned area. Currently most of the companies are implementing HRMS automation for their basic needs of payroll processing, record keeping etc. It’s not the question whether companies should shift to HR Automation or not. They should, because we can sense the positivity of this transformation, but real apprehension is WHEN and HOW. While payroll management and talent management solutions are there, the overall set of HR services which is making the life easier for an employee, is missing. Approach towards this system is still reactive whereas the need of hour is to get a proactive system in place to utilize the resources effectively. We are evolving and looking towards the solution providers for a better and flexible product which is meeting the expectation for betterment of industry. Almost all HR functions are either getting outsourced to a third party or being automated with the help of HRMS softwares to have a better control over employee engagement and workforce management. We have to set our priorities before we take any of these two steps to enable HR as an important function contributing in overall growth of organization. Choice is ours.

We can see the future of automated HRMS as more independent, less of controlling and more of facilitating, efficiency booster automated recruiting & other important function which is carrying out manually as of now and more flexible to support the business functions continuously. HRMS playing a philanthropic role is what we would like to see in the industry with a ZERO error platform.