Recruitment technology is evolving and forcing HR to evolve with IT

Sunil Dagar, Head - Talent Acquisition, Acute informatics Acute Informatics delivers enterprise solutions & services which is conducive for organizations to stay ahead in today’s crowded competitive landscape.

This is the fundamental truth that technology always helps us to reduce time & cost with their effectiveness. Since technologies spread its footprint all the way. Why recruitment would have untouched by this.

Indeed, automation in recruitment is also evolving speedily. Hence it’s become a compulsion to adopt it. Automation typically reduces human intervention in all levels of recruitment.

How technology helps in recruitments
Since HR plays an important stakeholder role for any organization. If good people are hired for an organization Henceforth, then these good people play a very important role in the development of any company. The future and development of the organization depend entirely on its manpower. The manpower enters and exits only through the recruitment. Therefore, as long as the recruitment team is able to hire a skilled person for an organization, that reflects directly on the organization's growth and future reflection.

Think how nice it would be if HR knew about some indication in the advanced level such as attrition, Cost of manpower, talent pool needed, recruitment planning, manpower mapping, Productivity of present manpower Manpower budgeting, Retention etc. Technology can help HR to automatically and scientifically accumulate these data.

Significantly HR can examine these data with the previous year's data. Subsequent they can figure out the observation of such findings. Indeed technology could play a precious role to predict that kind of data in advanced for HR thus they can make future HR strategies for an organization. Subsequently HR will shape out their findings into in form of a better strategy/planning for an organization growth & development.

Technology helps recruiters to recruit skilled people for the organization through multilayer filtration with the use of technology and scientifically.

How Social media helping in recruitment?
Social media is playing a vital role in recruitment. In the last 5-7 years, social media reaches all common men in India. As a result people are connected to each other very closely. In social media, whether poor man to celebrity/businessman in short all maximum people is connected to each other. Now more than 90 percent of recruitment agencies are taking advantage of these social media platforms to increase their recruitment capacity to find the right candidates.

LinkedIn & Facebook are most common to all wherein LinkedIn became the largest community of professionals.
Recruiters use to post their job and getting a response from interested candidates. The recruiter can see their LinkedIn profile before sending an email/msg. It really helps a lot to find suitable candidates.

Automation typically reduces human intervention in all levels of recruitment

Spreadsheet to ATS( Application tracking system ) & ERP software
In general, recruiters & recruitment agencies are keeping their database in an excel sheet. The spreadsheet has made an easy to keep large amounts of the database for a long time. Though spreadsheet is subject to maintain big candidates database smartly however it works manual only. Moreover, it doesn’t make ensure to recruiters that the applicant data that it would have filtered out of all aspects.

Whatever applicant data is fed by the user in the spreadsheet, but it is clear that whatever data they have created in the spreadsheet, they will get the same data. This means that the spreadsheet depends entirely on how accurate data is fed by the user in the spreadsheet. This process consumes more time for the recruits. In addition, Human error cannot be ignored in it.

The recruitment agencies are looking for an alternative option so that the applicant data is automatically filtered through the ATS software. It also depends on what parameters recruiters want their applicants. They can add some parameters in the ATS to filter their applicants according to their wishes. It also helps to decrease human error which manually data probably does. Similarly there are various other technologies that do the same. The technique uses some kind of scientific method to filter the result.

How Artificial intelligence works in Recruitment
AI is at an initial stage. Soon it will be game changer in recruiting too. AI can help in recruiting some aspect like Time to hire and time to fill, cost to hire .this is designed to make process streamlining of recruitment workflow and decrease repetitive tedious task.

AI also could help to figure out some of these aspects such as human tendency, attitude philosophy, interest level, stability etc. This could help a lot to the recruiter to fill their position with the best possible candidate for their organization in a limited period.

How AI-Chatbots assist in recruitment
Candidates can be verified through chatbots which can be set on website & other platforms where candidates do visits for the job application.

Mya is known for assistance and automated answer machine in chatbots. It works to screening, scheduling the candidate. It is an automated machine that lets the user interact in a natural language conversation that picks up the details coming into the conversation.

Like mya, Olivia also does a similar kind activity, it engages with the candidate in various platforms like social channel, mobile & also carries out the scheduling part of the recruitment process. This means it saves a heap of time of hiring manager. Since this is automated so it offers regular updates and feedback to the applicant.

Why it’s been forcing HR to evolve with it
The purpose of Technology is to bring down human intervention in every stage. It always reduce human error, Time to hire, cost to hire .and it helps to make the best possible talent pool for future need. Technology makes a win-win condition for both the hiring manager & the candidates. The hiring managers can save their precise time to using the technology and that their redeemed Time so they can focus on other productivity work for the organization. Similarly, applicants are also aware of his present status in the recruitment process. Because the applicant gets notification from system time-to-time .in this scenario HR must upgrade them with the technology to overcome their unnecessary burden then further gives maximum productivity in the organization.

Since technology has imprinted a very positive image among us. In the present scenario, both humans & technology work together for better productivity. Thus, undoubtedly HR must adapt it to stand self with the present time. It's not just a need it is a compulsion for human resource for better productivity and development.