Zirca: Delivering Innovative Solutions across Global Markets

Neena Dasgupta, CEO,Karan Gupta, MD

Neena Dasgupta, CEO

Karan Gupta, MD

Content Solutions is now a science and that means you need to understand content consumption patterns and acquire a greater pulse on which piece of content is getting the most engagement from your audience. The fact is you’re no longer having a conversation with a homogeneous audience. Your audience is now heterogeneous,i.e. their needs, interests, and passions are constantly evolving to keep up with the speed, scale, and direction of change in the marketing and advertising landscape.

Mumbai-based company Zirca Digital Solutions has not only uncovered this need gap, but also has delivered effective results for their clients by utilizing their research, strategy and creative prowess. Zirca’s three key verticals – Content and Brand Solutions, Representation, and Platforms – work in tandem to unlock the value of its clients’ digital assets. The company’s diverse offerings range from rich media and programmatic to branded content creation and amplification. They exclusively represent several international brands including The Economist, Fast Company,, Mail Online, Microsoft, MSN, MediaMath, and Bing in India.
Unlocking the Treasure Chest
Companies today are sitting on a treasure trove of great content, but they don’t know how to repurpose it in a new way. Zirca’s strength lies in repurposing content for a heterogeneous audience, conceptualizing a headline strategy for capturing interests, and developing a creative strategy for capturing visual responses. The company has mastered the art of using rich audience insights to craft content in different ways to meet the needs of their consumers. In fact, the company recently delivered a successful solution for HDFC Life thereby winning the Campaign India Digital Crest - Silver Award in the Digital Craft - Best Writing category.

Zircawill soon be launching innovative tools that will enable marketers to make smarter decisions based on research-backed insights

What differentiates Zirca from its competitors is an in depth understanding of the rapid shift in content consumption patterns through the use of its proprietary tools: ContentdB and ContentiQ. “We will soon be launching innovative tools that will enable marketers to make smarter decisions based on research-backed insights. Everyone today is focused on producing and amplifying content, which is crucial but not sufficient. We are going several steps further by bringing back the audience to the center of marketing.By answering pivotal questions about a brand's/advertiser’s key audience,
we will help them acquire a more enhanced digital understanding of their consumers and their content consumption behavior,” shares Neena Dasgupta, CEO, Zirca Digital Solutions.

Content dB is an integrated native advertising management platform that helps amplify your content across multiple search, social and content discovery networks from a single dashboard. And ContentiQ is a first-of-its-kind content intelligence tool that combines the power of audience profiling data and content consumption behavior data to help you make research-backed content media plans.The company follows a ‘people first’ philosophy where the goals of every individual are in perfect synergy with the overall vision of the company. The need for responsible freedom and empowerment are implemented across all levels of the company fostering innovation and growth.

This unique approach led the company to win the ‘Best HR Strategy in Line with Business’ award and helped it rank number 14 among 75 competing companies at the Employer Branding Awards this year. Steered by an experienced management team whose total experience is nearly 200 years, Zirca’s team of 120+ digital experts across India and Southeast Asia enables it to rapidly engage with its clients and partners globally.“We see ourselves continuing to be a global digital communications company facilitating meaningful conversations. We are a knowledge-based organization and will continue to hold that at the core of all our future growth plans,”concludes Karan Kumar Gupta,Managing Director, Zirca Digital Solutions.