Zestard Technologies: Veteran In E-Commerce & Digital Marketing

Anuj Dalal,Founder & CEO

Anuj Dalal

Founder & CEO

E-commerce has transformed the way business is done in India. The Indian E-commerce market is expected to grow to US$ 200 Billion by 2026 from US$ 38.5 Billion as of 2017. Much of the growth for the industry has been triggered by an increase in internet and smartphone penetration and a cost effective internet data plan availability. As of August 2020, the number of internet connections in India significantly increased to 760 Million, driven by the `Digital India' program. Out of the total internet connections, 61% of connections were in urban areas, of which 97% of connections were wireless.

In the world of this digital era, Zestard Technologies is an E-Commerce focused agency working on Magento, Shopify & WordPress as a core expertise. Zestard is known for its business consulting services to help its customers to design a comprehensive E-Commerce strategy. Anuj Dalal, the founder and CEO of the company says, "We have worked with more than 23 global brands having a presence in multiple countries with revenue of more than $20M individually." The company has developed more than 320+ E-commerce websites. Zestard is trusted by the world's fastest-growing organizations such as LG, Kodak Lens, FreshBooks, Avast-AVG, Boheco, JadeBlue, FARAH KHAN, PurviDoshi and many more.

According to Anuj, what makes Zestard a different and better company than the others of its genre is its consultancy service. Zestard understands the client needs, stage of business, other connecting tools and services and business strategy to suggest a right technology ­ free from any bias ­ that can work for at least next 3-5 year of road map with business expansion strategy. Boni Satani - Partner & Head of Marketing at Zestard claims, "We understand the customers' needs, we understand the market and we understand the size of the business. This is what helps us to develop the solutions that work for businesses." He furthermore adds, The Top Management have gained a wealth of knowledge and experience in a variety of IT topics and in the digital marketing arena. We have invested heavily for skill development and have subscribed to many courses and tools to keep our team updated with the latest trends and technologies."

Make - Market – Maintain
Zestard was started in 2011 and was working on most of all open source frameworks during initial couple of years. Gradually, owners have identified strength and started focusing more on "Content ­ Commerce" driven business. Zestard is aiming to become a leader in the eCommerce field with their tagline ­ "Make ­ Market ­ Maintain".
· Make: Zestard helps their customers to Make their websites.
· Market: Zestard assists their eCommerce store owners to Market their products to drive visitors/ customers to their website to generate better ROI.
· Maintain: The nature of online business always requires constant ongoing support to Maintain and enhance their online shopping cart website to keep it updated with the latest business strategies and features - running 24X7 without any hiccups.

Process Discovery, Design, Development & Deployment
Zestard has a four step software development process ­ Discovery, Design, Development & Deployment.

Anuj quotes, "We act like a Doctor, analyze
their problem and then try to help them with the right medicines." Zestard's service is completely based on the information the company gathers from the initial discovery meetings with their clients. It helps the company to design a system architecture & to suggest the right technology stake to build a solution that should work for the client's business. Zestard believes the only way to do that is to understand what the client business truly needs. After all the brain-stroming meetings and getting required notes from clients and their stakeholders, Zestard designs a creative UI/UX that helps them to stand out differently among the industry.

A right combination of skillful technical resources and a proven processes - helps Zestard to deliver the services beyond customer expectations. The softwares created by the company has to pass through various checkpoints. The websites are initially developed by the Design & Development Team and once the development is completed, they are sent to the Quality Assurance team to prepare delivery notes. This way the company ensures that each and every website is made exactly as per clients'/customers' requirement. After everything is ensured from the company's side, the customer is involved in the training and knowledge transfer process before it finally goes live.

Customer Centric Business
Boni Satani states, "Our attitude to accuracy and precision, especially in meeting the requirements of our clients, has time and again ensured consistent customer delight and satisfaction." Zestard believes in keeping constant communication with its customers/clients. Keeping constant communication allows the company to ensure 100% transparency. The company keeps its clients/customers updated with each of its strategies, development steps and progresses.

Zestard's service is completely based on the information the company gathers from the initial discovery meetings with their clients

Unlike the other agencies, Zestard prefers developing websites that would provide success and also be useful for the longer run. The company does not believe in developing something that would be useful for only a short span. This is the reason the Agency enjoys customer retention of near to 90% and offers multiple services for at least 3-5 years of span. The people who have consumed Zestard's services, prefer Zestard over any other companies out there. "Customers who want the right guidance regarding their future roadmap or any new development, come back to us again and again" adds Boni.

Support & Maintenance
Anuj emphasizes, "E-commerce means constant updates on the websites to maintain customer / visitor engagement" Zestard has noticed that there are several business owners that launch their e-commerce website but do not maintain it properly. Zestard considers constant updates and future enhancements of the website as a very crucial aspect of maintaining the business on digital space. According to Zestard, website maintenance includes activities like updating the catalog, incorporating new marketing campaigns, writing a new blog content regarding the company & products, changing the visuals & graphics and most importantly making the UX/UI as smooth as possible.

Digital Marketing Services
Zestard also looks after the customers' Digital Marketing. Boni who is heading the Digital Marketing team says, "We provide quality backlinks and brand mentions using bespoke PR and SEO Outreaching services. We have helped clients to earn mention from media outlets like Yahoo, Business Insider, MSN, Best Life Online, and many more authority sites."

“E-commerce means constant updates on the websites to maintain customer / visitor engagement" Zestard has noticed that there are several business owners that launch their e-commerce website but do not maintain it properly”

Boni further adds "We also have expertise in Technical SEO & Data Driven Content Marketing and have helped clients increase their traffic and revenue by 10X. We have a process driven approach that ensures desirable outcomes for our clients."

Roadmap Ahead
Narrowing down the service offerings has helped the company focus & specialize in only one area - Ecommerce and that has helped in gaining the market position it holds at this point in time. In the near future, the company does not plan on doing anything much different than what it does today. Boni states, "Choosing the correct strategy, proven technology stake and a proper roadmap for the coming three years is what the company is looking forward to. Besides everything, we are more likely to keep and improve our service offering & delivery processes as much as possible." Finally Anuj concludes by stating, "Unlike the other agencies out there, we are looking forward to practicing a customer centric business. We do not want to sell our services like most of the companies but we want to cherish our growth together with the customers' years by years."

To sum up and conclude, it is to say that looking at practicing customer centric business, keeping consultancy as the foremost and flagship service of the company as it is and finding the right strategy along with the right technology are the three facts that Zestard is planning for its future.