Zest IP: Shielding Intellectual Property with Authentic Legal Services

Bharat Sharma,Managing Partner

Bharat Sharma

Managing Partner

Protecting new inventions by providing correct legal shields against Intellectual Property (IP) theft is crucial for both businesses and individuals today. The intangible assets of a company, which is broadly known as Intellectual Property, require the same protective rights as tangible assets from stealing or reusing without taking consent from the creator.

Therefore, threats of thieving IP are high in global businesses nowadays, and protecting those intangible business assets applying accurate legal procedures should not be overlooked. Delivering such authentic and undivided attention to all IP matters by accentuating Patent, Design, and Trademark Laws, Zest IP has proficiently built its niche in the legal fraternity. Established in 2018, the firm is run by Bharat Sharma, the Managing Partner. His vision is to solve all IP related issues as well as to keep the common men and others in the legal fraternity with no IP inclination, and updated advancements in the international IP laws.

Zest IP is an award-winning consulting firm offering services exclusively in Patent, Trademark, Copyright, Geographical Indications, Design, and Domain Names along with registration, licensing, and fair use, protection, and enforcement. Being a market leader in providing legal and strategic advice
in Trademark and Patent Laws, the firm offers its valuable legitimate support to start-ups as well as big brands. Since the cost is a major factor for start-ups or SMEs (small and medium-sized enterprises), the firm, therefore, provides easy and flexible payment plans to them.

"We aim to retain all our clients by providing them with excellent legal services by engaging the latest IP management tools, IP watch tools, etc. We also follow all industry standards and professional ethics while offering our services to clients," mentions Mr. Sharma. It has also started providing its valuable services in the areas of e-documentation, e-filing, and virtual client meetings. Bestowing its incredible services to nutraceutical companies like, fashion brands like, educational institutions like IITs, IIIT's, State Funded Institutes along with individuals, inventors, and start-ups, the organization stands out to be unique in its domain of specialization.

We prioritize each client equally, irrespective of the amount of work we do for them

Supported by a dedicated team of qualified advocates with the expertise of solving critical problems in the legal and technical arenas of businesses, the firm also answers all queries placed by a different set of clients. The team is also well trained in handling all sorts of IP queries coming from different parts of the world. It also has adopted intra-educational bonus programs, which help the team to earn a bonus by teaching others and receiving peer reviews and scores. The team is also well versed and updated with the latest rules and trends of all legal matters by participating in various conferences and webinars. Though the firm has granted work from home to its employees during the Pandemic, it has always maintained a flexible working ambiance for its employees.

With a global presence in different parts of the world including the USA, Canada, South Asia, China, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Pakistan, and Bangladesh, Zest IP has successfully achieved all its targets in the financial year 2019-20. It is confident in providing effective, efficient, and immediate legal support to its clients who are scattered in varied industries." We prioritize each client equally, irrespective of the amount of work we do for them," adds Mr. Sharma. With its proficient legal team, the firm objectifies its future growth to be more extensive as there is an increasing demand for IP filing and enforcement.