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  • 10 Most Promising Patent & Trademark Service Providers - 2020

    Amidst the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic, in the second quarter of the year, an interesting case related to trademark took place. The Bombay High Court, in a suit for trademark infringement, declared ISKCON, the registered trademark of the International Society for Krishna Consciousness as `well-known trade-mark' in India. In another example of a trademark related case, the Bombay High Court gave a verdict on copyright law, when it had to answer whether the messaging application Telegram was guilty of copyright and trademark infringement by allowing the unauthorized circulation of the e-newspaper DainikJagran on their platform. The Bombay High Court sorted another copyright infringement when it decided the copyright claims of the story and screenplay of the web-series...

10 Most Promising Patent & Trademark Service Providers - 2020

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Amseem Amseem Amit Baravka, Executive Director It delivers services in patents, copyrights, trademarks, and industrial designs.
Anuation Research & Consulting LLP Anuation Research & Consulting LLP Ujjwal Kumar Jha, Sumit Bhat, Pankaj Khurana, Rajat Rastogi & Vishal Bhardwaj, Co-Founders A leading Research & Consulting firm, offering a full range of Intellectual Property (IP) services, Research Services, and related IT Services with a dedicated team of patent agents, technology experts, and engineers.
Eclectic Intellectual Professionals Eclectic Intellectual Professionals Kumar Nikhil Bhaskar, Director The firm delivers services art search, technology watch, ip analytics, and litigation support.
Ennoble IP Ennoble IP Shweta Singh, Founder Facilitates services in patent, trademark, design registration, copyright, entrance illustration, commercialization, training and other IP services.
Lexorbis Lexorbis Manisha Singh, Founder Offers services in patents, trademarks, geographical indications, designs, copyright, enforcement & raids, ip litigation, licensing, and opinion drafting.
Menteso IP Menteso IP Azam Ghani, Founder & CEO, Shweta Swaminathan, VP- Business Strategy and Client Success Menteso IP has emerged as an `innovation catalyst' by ensuring impeccable services covering the complete Intellectual Property life cycle provided at one stop to clients.
OMS Patent Services OMS Patent Services Emmanuel Coffy, Partner, Omprakash N Sringeri, Founder & Director A provider of 360 degree solutions across the entire IP life cycle aimed at protecting inventions, trademarks and designs locally & internationally.
Oscar Legal Services Oscar Legal Services Naveen Kumar, Founder Leverages services in trademark, patent, copyright and design, with legal and registration services.
Sagacious IP Sagacious IP Anant Kataria, , Co-Founder and CEO Renowned for offering patent information searching, patent monitization and licensing, trademark search and monitoring, intellectual property management solution, patent drafting support, patent drawing illustrations, IP services for IT and IP filling in India.
Zest IP Zest IP Bharat Sharma, Managing Partner Offers legal consultancy support to businesses and individuals to protect Intellectual Property.