Z Enviro Industries: An Authorized Segregator & Dismantler Providing Complete End-life Management of e-Waste at Affordable Cost

Mohammed Abdul Mujeeb Qadri,DirectorIndia’s e-Waste production is expected to touch three million tons by end of 2018 wherein 15 percent waste accounts from households, according to an Assocham-KPMG. Researches show that the average household contains more than 60 hazardous products (batteries, CFL bulbs, paints, fuels, automotive fluids and items containing mercury) that not only endanger our precious ecosystem but also affect our lifestyle. However, majority of population is unaware of the mechanisms to safely dispose these toxic, flammable, corrosive and reactive domestic e-Waste and dispatch them into normal bin. This is where Z Enviro Industries comes into the game and brings the recycling of the domestic e-Waste at your doorstep with Erase E-Waste application available on play store. “Tell us what you intend to dispose, we will arrange pickup, recycle the waste and issue safe disposal certificate. Value realized from the waste is paid at the time of pickup or can be donated to a charity of your choice,” avers Mohammed Abdul Mujeeb Qadri, Director, Z Enviro Industries, a major e-Waste dismantler and segregator serving PAN India.

Under the guidance of Mujeeb, the company has travelled a long path from being a famous trading
organization (1999-dealing with electronic scrap trade and importing used computers) to an authorized e-Waste collector (2013) & dismantler(2015). The ban on importing of used computer(2008) shifted his focus from importing to procurement field and led the foundation of Z Enviro Industries. Furthermore, his vast 15+ years of experience in the industry enables the firm to understand the problem of its clients way before and provide them complete end-life management of electronic equipments at much affordable rate. “Initially, we performed e-Waste recycling in an improper manner without any law, but in 2012 we updated ourselves with the government e-Waste management and handling rules 2011 and became one of the few registered recyclers in Telangana (then unified Andhra Pradesh),” added Qadri.

Z Enviro Industries performs entire destruction of waste in eco-friendly way with zero waste, complying with Central & State Pollution Control Boards

Elaborated Services
Striving to protect the environment at large, Z Enviro Industries performs entire destruction of waste in eco-friendly way with zero waste, complying with Central & State Pollution Control Boards and grants safe destruction certificate on completion of the entire recycling process. Currently, its Hyderabad-based plant recycles 10,000 tons annually and serves clients including Coca Cola, ICICI Bank, IGATE, TATA and others.
Being one of the oldest players in the e-Waste management business sector, Z Enviro Industries places lot of emphasis on data security and creating awareness in the society. It not only deploys softwares for data wiping but also uses dedicated machinery to decode the hard drives, media tapes and other sensitive data and deletes the complete information infront of the client (if necessary), thereby ensuring non-retrieval of the data under any circumstances.

Apart from providing services like segregation, inventorization, data destruction (according to Department of Defence standards), collection and destruction of electronic equipments, Z Enviro gives online traceability of equipments to the clients through documentation and live video feed back. Additionally, the firm aids electronic producers/manufacturers across PAN India in meeting their e-Waste collection target declared in e-Waste management handling rules 2011.

Going the extra mile, the company conducts several awareness programs in colleges and schools to educate students and people on the hazards of e-Waste disposal, the value of the components and encourages them to dispose their e-Wastes properly through authorized collectors only. Moreover, the firm shares its WhatsApp number aiding clients to reach them at their finger tip and guide them with the detail e-Waste recycling procedure. On a mission, Z Enviro pledges to change the dynamics of the e-Waste sector with its innovative processes and strong determination.