Worxpertise: maximize CLV by consistently delivering on SEVA Approach

Rajiv Gupta,  Founder & MD

Rajiv Gupta

Founder & MD

When The National Lock down Happened For The First Time In March 2020, Worxpertise Made An Effortless Shift Of Its Functions To A Work-From home Format In A Matter Of Hours. How Did It Happen?
Given the company‘s deep understanding of dynamic work environments, even prior to Covid-19, in 2019 a plan was put into action for a location agnostic and agile operations & technology infrastructure. Significant CAPEX were made and a private cloud was set up which enabled work from anywhere while maintaining the most stringent security protocols. Simply put, worxpertise was ready to work from a multi location environment and mobilize its employees at a short notice. In just 9 hours the entire workforce was migrated to their respective remote locations or homes. The transition was smooth for all clients and with no downtime irrespective of channel of communication (voice and data).

worxpertise has developed and ingrained in its culture this ability to look into the future of things. Its strong technology DNA has enabled it to constantly lead the way in the industry. Quick in adopting and encouraging the digitalization of processes, worxpertise has been changing the way companies work and conducts its business.

Its SEVA approach guides every aspect of its business. Each member of worxpertise lives by principal of SEVA – Speed | Empathy | Veracity | Accuracy. SEVA has ensured predictability, reliability, efficiency, economy of its operations. The impact of SEVA for our client has been continuously improving CX, Operational Excellence, Value Addition & Cost Optimization.

Today, worxpertise is a growing global CX management and business process services company with operations in India, US and ANZ. worxpertise combines the functions of consulting and operations to fulfill its main objective of continually enhancing CLV for its client, vis, delivering superior CX (beginning from acquisition, covering the whole journey to post-acquisition support, upsell & cross sell) and improved business outcomes to its clients through a proactive value addition.

They provide a gamut of solutions ranging from business process optimization consulting, market research, customer
sentiment analytics, BPO operations. Its comprehensive business operations platform Saltworx is designed and developed specifically for Indian Manufacturing & Trading SMBs to help them manage their business operations more efficiently.

Thriving On Expertise
The appreciation and usage of technology has dramatically changed due to the pandemic and customers use multiple platforms to seek quick responses to their issues. By tapping into the capabilities of multiple technologies available today, including voice, data, social, IVR, speech-to-text conversations, AI, and more; worxpertise is able to devise relevant quick solutions for clients to comprehensively cater to the end customer.

Worxpertise has been Focusing on multiple areas Of services, among which, Strong delivery model for Bpo and the platform based Services area are Currently at the forefront

“Technology required has to be anticipated, solution articulated, defined, and implemented well in advance to ensure you are is ready to meet changing business needs of your clients. With that, you also need to keep upskilling your team to keep pace with a dynamic technology environment. Proactive investment in technology and people enables you to meet your clients changing expectations,” says Rajiv Gupta, MD and Founder of worxpertise group.

Expansion And Future Roadmap
worxpertise has been focusing on multiple areas of services, among which, strong delivery model for BPO and the platform-based services area are currently at the forefront. The firm is launching platforms for different clients, one of which is saltworx which has already been launched successfully for Indian Manufacturing & Trading SMBs; they are also working on a omni-channel collaborative communications platform for enterprise segment, set to launch in last quarter of 2022.

A unique approach in BPO delivery operation has been brought to life by worxpertise, it is the designing and operationalization of an entire ecosystem called - worxcenter (micro- delivery centers). The worxcenter idea was conceived during 1st phase of pandemic lockdown where millions of people moved back to their home town but were unable to work due to lack of infrastructure at home; worxpertise worxcenters enabled people to stay at their homes with family and still get gainfully employed.

The worxcenters will enable skilled but economically disadvantaged Indians by providing them resources to achieve their aspirations and earn a good living while staying at their hometown. Each worxcenters are technology enabled to manage the agents from the central command center. Two worxcenters are already operational in NCR and two more are coming up in Moradabad UP& Anand Gujarat.By end of the year worxpertise will have worxcenters operations in tier 2 & tier 3 cities across West, South & Eastern region of India.