• Flits: Empowering Shopify Merchants in a Cohesive & Modern Manner
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    Flits: Empowering Shopify Merchants in a Cohesive & Modern Manner

    Just when the pandemic disrupted the retail economy, Shopify came into the picture and has experienced unprecedented growth despite the COVID-19 scenario. Social distancing and quarantine procedures both decelerated traditional retail, and thousands of businesses quickly adopted the Shopify route. It soon became a go-to platform with a diverse range of easy-to-use offerings and subsequently its revenue grew 96 percent in Q3 2020. One million online merchants spanning 175 countries generated a massive $5.1 billion in Black Friday/Cyber Monday sales. Unlike other retail platforms, Shopify allows retailers to sell online, in store, on social media or even on-the-go by offering end-to-end services right from billing to shipping. According to Shopify CEO Tobias Lutke, "Shopify is trying to...

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