Wordlab Business Solutions: Conveying Ideas, Bridging Cultures

Shailendra Kumar,CEOToday, with even the smallest enterprise potentially serving a global client base, the need to communicate across languages and cultures is growing rapidly. However, cross-context communication is hard and costly. Unless great care is taken, many things can be lost in translation due to translation errors and/or differing interpretations of even correctly translated communications.

The costs of translation failures are often more than just financial. Miscommunication can lead to loss of reputation, legal exposure, physical harm, or even industrial disasters. For this reason, clear, accurate and effective communication ­ between cultures, languages, disciplines, and industries ­ is an increasing priority. In response, many companies spend significant resources to ensure communication within their networks of agents, partners, customers, and government agencies. This is just one of the many reasons driving the growth of translation services.

Elaborating the growth and adoption of translation services, CEO of WordLab Business Solutions, Shailendra Kumar says, "The Global Translation Service Industry is driven by huge technological advancement which is making the translation process easier and efficient. Another major factor in translation services is the growing geographical outreach of enterprises, thereby increasing the foreign client base and thus developing need for translation.

Translation services are the means by which the interaction between technology and human communication is increased more efficiently. Economic growth and consistent social development show that India is key for the translation industry and trends shows that India will be a hub for linguistic services. Translation sector in India has been one of the fastest-growing sectors, as more companies are looking to build business opportunities in India. The prospect of the translation industry in India is absolutely very bright".

Headquartered in Lucknow, WordLab Business Solutions' linguistic division LanguageTop is one of the leading localization companies in India, catering its services in 240+ languages including Asian, African, American, European & Middle East languages. Committed to quality deliverables leveraging advance technologies, LanguageTop offers services in the field of Technology, Finance, IT & Software, Insurance, Manufacturing, Marketing, Gaming, Legal, Healthcare, Hospitality, Retail and Utilities.

Comprising A Vast Pool Of Linguistic Experts
Being an ISO 9001:2015 certified company; LanguageTop ensures the quality services as per the industry standards. The company maintains the reputation of 100% human translation supported by QA check to ensure error free deliverables. With its technical expertise, LanguageTop retains vast TM with dedicated high-end servers which help to maintain terminological consistency. On board LanguageTop, there are Certified Localization Project Manager (CPLM), Project Management Professional (PMP) and Certified Scrum Master (CSM) who have led the firm to deliver the best international quality standard.

LanguageTop also has inhouse team of around 90+ linguistic experts in various languages. More so, in a first, the firm also has inhouse strength for rare pair languages like Burmese, Hakha Chin, Maithili, Khmer, Lao, Dzongkha which makes LanguageTop a preferred partner for many corporates.
More so, the Company is also a member of GALA (Globalization and Localization Association) and ELIA (European Language Industry Association).

Broadly, LanguageTop has a team of 3700+ linguistic experts globally in over 240 languages irrespective of modality or geographical regions. It includes Indian Languages, Asian Languages, European Languages, Middle East Languages & African Languages. The firm also offers Transcreation, Voice-over, Subtitling, Multilingual DTP, Software Translations services.

Translation & Localization Service industry is primarily and aptly defined by its nature of being the bridge between 2 geographical regions & cultures. Accordingly, LanguageTop aligns its services to provide the low-cost effective plans with best quality enabling the clients to reach their target market easily. "We don't do business but always make a long-term relation with our clients whether it's a few words project to a voluminous project", says Shailendra.

Exceptional Languages
Shailendra enlightens that there are many languages with limited speakers which are called Rare languages in this industry. Learning from past experience, the LanguageTop team felt that companies have to wander when it comes to rare languages. Hence, the firm started focusing on rare languages along with major languages. Turns out, for the last 2 years, LanguageTop is one of the most preferred choices when it comes to rare languages in the country.

As Security and Confidentiality became a major challenge now days, LanguageTop also adheres to confidentiality as per General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679. LanguageTop leverages technologies in a fair manner. The company deploys CAT tools (computer-assisted translation), CMS ­ Content Management System, TMS ­ Translation Management System to smoothen its production at ease. All such practices are backed with a dedicated QA & Testing team to ensure top quality as per the industry standards.

Headquartered in Lucknow, Wordlab business solutions' linguistic division LanguageTop is one of the leading localization companies in India, catering its services in 240+ languages including Asian, African, American, European & Middle East languages

Handholding Clients All The Way Through The Product Launch
Modern businesses face challenges pertaining to management of data and consistency for voluminous long- term projects. Translation services are not the only thing that could get them through. Such businesses require end to end solution for their products.

LanguageTop provides its services with CMS along with cost effective tailor-made solutions for their product; right from planning to execution till their product launch. All the organization needs to do is provide the contents. Everything that follows is taken care of by LanguageTop team, including all linguistic aspects which are key to elevating the client to the global stage.

LanguageTop's approach to clients coupled with the expertise is well appreciated and sought out in the market. Evidently, the firm has offered services to some of the top IT companies, Government Departments, Global leaders and few top 100 fortune companies in India and around the globe. Some of the renowned names from diversified sectors are Google, Bing, UNESCO, WHO, Seagate, Kubota, Magna, NAAC and many more.

A fair share of the credit goes to LanguageTop's team of experts. Speaking about the team behind LanguageTop's success, Shailendra reveals that within the organization a specific standard procedure is followed for the employees, which requires them to get updated with the latest technologies and industry trends. The firm has a dedicated R&D team that always constantly researches on the new technologies and ideas in the industry. LanguageTop gives international exposure to few of the team members each year in order to understand the current market standard and needs. "We give our employees open culture to share their ideas, suggestions and discussion within the group and innovative ideas are given recognitions as well. As our tagline says "Conveying Ideas... Bridging Cultures", explains Shailendra.

Perfecting The Quality Is Key To A Successful Future
Working to get better and perfect its services, LanguageTop maintains a constant thirst to excel its quality of services. In fact, LanguageTop is in the process of attaining ISO 17100:2015 certification to ensure the highest quality Translation & Localization Services. The firm is also working on a major technical advancement which, as Shailendra emphasizes, needs to be confidential right now. What is certain, is that this offering will ground breaking and industry's first.

Shailendra envisions bringing LanguageTop's passion for language and the love for technology together to help clients take their products & services, global. This means to be available worldwide, in local languages, and customized for local cultures. "We care about how satisfied you are with us, not just about getting the job done. Improvement and innovation happens best when there is an environment of collaboration", concludes Shailendra.