WebMobril: Proficient Developer of Mobile Apps with Bespoke, Compelling UI/UX Design

 Jay Prakash Saraswat,      Directors

Jay Prakash Saraswat

In the current smartphone age, mobile applicationswith extensive functionalities and agility stand as the primordial reason for escalated smartphone usage among people. Guru Dev Saraswat, Director, WebMobril, asserts, “A whopping 87 percent of time spent on mobile devices by users aged 18+ is predominantly because of mobile apps”. Tapping this fast-paced sector of mobile app development, WebMobril builds apps that can fetch huge profits and top the charts. With strong trust that only User Interface/User Experience (UI/UX) design can infuse long-lasting user experiences across any mobile app, the firm creates right from graphic design, page content, navigation pattern to hassle-free browsing experiences, always in tune with business requirements. Most importantly, the firm’s UX team understands what the end-users crave for and amalgamates it with design, business & technological objectives, thus developing apps that matter to them. Above all, an optimum interactive UX is what WebMobril strives to nail!
About the Process
Standing in the forefront with insights on the industry’s requirements, WebMobril is known for its intuitive designs enriched with the right blend of colors, themes, fonts and logos. Firstly, it garners the initial concept of the mobile app from the client and identifies what works and what doesn’t by leveraging its expertise. This way, the firm works hand-in-hand with the client and creates intriguing UI/UX designs that work smoothly across all mobile phones and never degrade the app’s performance. In this UI & UX design process, the firm develops a spectrum of deliverables unlike its competitors, for instance Mood Boards, Visual Designs under UI and User Personas, User Flows under UX. By and large, WebMobril emphasizes greatly on ensuring right from design & code consistency, best orchestrated content & data to a convenient UI and highly visual & functional UX for the mobile apps.

"We devise solutions that best suits the requirements of our clients through analytical thinking and deliver them jaw-dropping support services"

Each UI/UX design at WebMobril is built on par with the industry standards and stringent design guidelines, while interactivity is imbued via AR & VR technologies. This ISO 27001:2013 certified firm also deploys React Native.js and Flutter to make intellectual mobile apps besides staying abreast of Cloud, Blockchain, Wearable Technology and other emerging technologies.
Did you ever witness the UI of the famous childcare app – NannyTap? Thanks to WebMobril for designing the UI/UX for this app in tune with the client’s requirement for a sophisticated solution that balances functionality and design. Focusing on ease of usage & interactivity, this app was built with buttons, icons, symbols, patterns and colours which remained same across all mobile phones.

Redefined Customer Support
“We devise solutions that best suits the requirements of our clients through analytical thinking and deliver them jaw-dropping support services,” says Jay Prakash Saraswat, Director, WebMobril. The firm quickly responds to clients’ queries, gives them proper attention and thus makes them extremely happy. No wonder, clients have been its biggest word of mouth publicity, wherein they have conveyed stories about its excellence and hard work.

A fast-growing company with two-fold growth in revenue, WebMobril is all geared-up to bag the same even in the coming FY. It has also witnessed a growth in employee numbers from just four during inception in 2016, to 80+ in-house experts currently. With innovation being its success factor, the firm is currentlyworking hard on building proprietary products under on-demand services. Apart from this, it also has short-term plans of exploring new technologies and establishing physical business & development centres in the overseas markets.