Voltmi: Brings Innovative Healthrelated Products to your Doorstep at Affordable Prices

Gaurav Pardeshi,CEOThe Covid-19 outbreak has shaken up the entire world in manifold ways. We've all seen what happened during and post the epidemic, and having an oximeter, blood pressure monitoring machine and blood glucose detector became a mandate. Even checking immunity levels via costly blood tests became a must. Also, in recent years, wearable devices have become ubiquitous in our lives. According to research by IDC, the wearable market in India grew 118.2 percent year-on-year in the mid-2021 at 11.2 million units, with strong shipments from home grown brands in watches and earwear fuelling this growth. While the wearable market is flourishing, several companies provide wearables, well being electronics, daily use electronics, and gadgets. The latest entrant is the 2020 debuted Voltmi. The brand to offer its consumers everything in one pocket friendly device launched its first product, Dr. Senor.

Dr.Senor Your Everyday Health Consultant
Dr. Senor­ a smart health monitoring watch is at par with leading smartwatches available in the market and intends to become customers' favorite. The first intelligent immunity monitoring smartwatch's unparalleled expertise lies in monitoring body
temperature, blood oxygen level, blood pressure, immunity level, ECG, and ambient temperature. This saves the consumers from reaching life threatening situations due to neglected health. The intelligent immunity monitoring smartwatch equips a photoelectric sensor that penetrates the skin and measures blood pressure, beats per minute and body temperature. Based on these measurements, it also automatically calculates the body's immunity and blood oxygen level. The unique feature of measuring body temperature alongside blood pressure, blood oxygen level, and immunity level make this smartwatch stand a cut above the rest in the market place. "Voltmi's Dr. Senor watch has created a steer within the market, especially for the healthconscious consumers in no time. Who ever buys one comes back to order more for his loved ones because to them they matter just as to us our consumer's well being matters,"affirms Gaurav Pardeshi, CEO of Voltmi. Apart from the Indian market, the company is reaching the pinnacle of success in the most competitive markets, including Poland, Romania, and the Czech Republic.

Promising Healthrelated Products
Voltmi's primary focus is to offer a portfolio of household and health related products such as smart health watches, oxygen concentrators, air purifiers, and vacuum cleaners. The company's myriad of advanced products make the consumer's life easy going and healthy, for instance, the air purifiers help one breathe pure air, and the oxygen concentrator is life saving. And, the RoidmiF8 Storm Fx cordless vacuum cleaner by Xiaomi for which we are National Distributors, are volutionary product that helps in hassle free cleaning. The primary concern of Voltmi revolves around customers' well being, and hence it helps and supports the back like no other. The main idea of Voltmi is to bring the most innovative products to the consumer's doors at the most affordable prices with robust after-sales support and backup for every product sold under the brand. Apart from these best-in-class products, the company is ready to launch its GPS smartwatch, magnetic charger, music eye mask shortly. The music eye mask will work excellent for people who have sleeping disorder problems. "As far as Voltmi is concerned, the future is ours, and there is no looking back from here, only moving ahead with more success stories and launching new innovative,smart and healthrelated products. We also eye establishing global footprints, including eastern European countries, the Middle East, Dubai, Kuwait and SaudiArabia. We aim at having a Voltmi in every house hold,"he concludes.