Vison Labs: A Single Point Solution to All the Analytical Needs of Food & Agricultural Industry

T Laxmikanth Reddy,CEOCausing over 61 percent of all deaths in India, lifestyle diseases have long become a time bomb with alarming rise. To ensure complete well-being of mind & body, it is of paramount important to multi-check the quality of food en route its journey right from farm to plate. This makes the reliability, integrity & trust-factor criteria for food testing labs intact. Indeed, the radar is restricted to hardly a handful of labs in India. Commanding such a niche realm by providing world class analytics services with the highest level of integrity and transparency is Vison Labs - one of the largest Food Testing Labs in India, accredited by NABL as per ISO/IEC 17025 and authorized by FSSAI for chemical & biological testing of food, beverages & agricultural products. Vison is committed to determine the quality horizons in environment through its compliance to MoEF&CC/CPCB rules as well.

This turnkey contract analysis-outsourcing solution provider boasts of a legacy of 16 years and a loyal client base of more than 1000 customers till date. Being a consistent performer in the industry, Vison encompasses a complete
range of solutions in the field of Environmental Quality Control and Quality Management. From company’s assurance to quality in auditing, analytics & management reviews and furnishing transparency in the services, it’s quite clear that the endeavor is to achieve customer (including individuals) delight through continuously improving the services.

"Vison is one of the few Labs in India to offer Environmental Base-line studies, Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)and Environmental Management Plans (EMP)"

Customizing Solutions
With a vision to hold the peak position in the field of Environmental Quality Control & Management, and generate value for capabilities beyond Indian borders, the team of 35 professionals backed by a state-of-the-art & robust lab infrastructure customize solutions to provide a single point solution to all the analytical needs of customers. Its services include Food & Agricultural products analysis (as per FSSAI, BIS, & FSSA standards), microbiological analysis, detection & identification of pathogens, nutritional labeling, fatty acids composition & trans-fat content analysis, melamine testing, agricultural products analysis, and raw materials analysis (including food ingredients, spices & condiments analysis).

In addition, Vison is one of the few Labs in India to offer Environmental Base-line studies, Environmental Impact Assessment(EIA)and Environmental Management
Plans(EMP). “We are committed to provide the highest quality of all offered services with the lowest turn-around time, be it quality control testing, routine & non-routine analysis or environmental and analytical consultancy,” says T Laxmikanth Reddy, CEO, Vison Labs.

Traveling Ahead of Time
Besides having standardized its operating procedures, and ensuring the maintenance of sample integrity, Vison focuses on involvement of employees in quality improvement, while simultaneously providing them with continuous training. “We are committed to continuous improvement through customer feedback as well as satisfying the internal clients. Our employees are guided by the vision to be the best in the way we deliver our services, completely adapting to our value systems and ethics,” adds Laxmikanth.

Continuous improvement being its competitive advantage and ethics bringing human trait into the organizational structure, Vison believes that a unique Quality Management System(QMS)is essential to help and improve reliability of the processes, efficiencies, knowledge management, and the ethical conduct of the business. With detailed data analysis of environmental impact assessment project reports, chemical and physical parameters and waste water as per the standards, Vison extends its efforts beyond the traditional value chain with its plan to develop and deploying new, proprietary methodology for analysis.