• Incepbio: New Age Reliable Testing Solutions
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    Incepbio: New Age Reliable Testing Solutions

    Keeping in tune with the healthy living wave that has engulfed the western world, today’s India is also becoming increasingly health conscious. People are taking a keen interest in being mindful about what they put in their bodies. Unfortunately owing to lack of awareness and regulations, safety of the food and water in India is still an undermined and ignored subject. “The food and beverage testing industry has been run in a conventional way since ages,” says Ambarish M Ghali, Founder & CEO, Incepbio, a new age provider of water, food & hygiene and pharmaceuticals testing services. Having identified the need of the hour, the Bangalore headquartered company has been working tirelessly to come up with sustainable and affordable solutions to envisage a healthier planet. “Our...


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