Vision Mark Organic: Leader in Sustainable Farming Products

Nilesh K Purane,DirectorThere's a booming demand for organic products for the health benefits. Improved organic farming has yielded better quality yield. This has also increased the area under organic farming worldwide. Organic land cultivation requires a constant supply of organic fertilizers. For such excellent quality bio-organic products, Vision Mark Organic is the name to rely upon. The company is engaged in developing organically advanced agriculture products to tackle challenges like climate change. Vision Mark Organic is one of its kind Agri-Biotech company, launched in 2012 by the first-generation Bio-entrepreneurs for manufacturing and marketing eco-friendly bio-technology products. The persistent improvement towards eco-friendly mining practices and manufacturing processes has made the company, a world leader in sustainable farming options for mainstream agriculture.

Nanotechnology: The Way Ahead
Vision Mark Organic offers a variety of bio-organic fertilizers and pesticide products. Some of them include bio-organic fertilizers, plant growth regulator, non-ionic silicon-based spreader, nano bio-stimulants, bio-fungicides, and water conditioning agents.

The company believes that the key to safer products and sustainable yields lies in the concept of zero-residue farming. Vision Mark
has a dedicated team and R&D facility for continuous quality improvement, in-novation, research trials, tailor-made Nano-organic fertilizer products, and their developments. Nano fertilizers applied alone or in combination with organic materials reduce environmental pollution owing to significantly fewer losses and higher absorption rates.

The mainstream product of Vision Mark Organic is non-ionic Silicon Spreader Green Stick. It acts as a spreader, penetrator and activator, and reduces the surface tension of agriculture spray water. The company's state of the art infrastructure helps in formulating a range of various grades of silicon super-spreader in large quantities (10,000 Lit Per day). Vision Mark has launched a new nanotechnology-based crop yield enhancer - Nano Biotone with nano dose (1 gm Per acre). This product has got an excellent response from the organic market. The company can easily customize products as per the specification provided by clients. Vision Mark Organic currently manufactures more than 40 different agriculture inputs and it has more than 150 marketing partners and association with more than 50,000 farmers all over India.

Vision Mark Organic is a multidimensional fast-growing Agri-biotech company, which provides excellent quality Agri-biotech and organic products and services to the clients in a safer, cost-effective, and responsible manner

Progress through Integrity and Technology
Vision Mark Organic strives hard for the empowerment of the citizens by promoting entrepreneurial organic fertilizer activities, facilitating the availability of the latest innovative technologies, encouraging and en-during the benefits of recent research & development. This approach helps the company attain more than the targeted goals like client satisfaction and delivering world-class quality products. Vision Mark Organic is building quality control directly into the manufacturing processes, to deliver the high levels of quality required today.

The company continuously strives to improve product quality and its safety by complying with various national and international standards. It has a well-equipped testing laboratory for quality checks at the raw material stage, at various manufacturing process stages, and finish product level. Thus, Vision Mark Organic is a prominent believer in three factors that support its quality policy - Knowledge, Innovation, Excellence.