Vertebrand: Scientifically Leveraging Brand Value of Businesses Since 2000

Contrary to popular understanding, a brand is much more than a name, logo or tagline. A brand is as much a ‘number’ as it is a ‘picture’! It is hence a weapon that can power a business to profitable growth-if developed and nurtured efficiently. Brand-building in today’s world is hence a complex science which needs to be mastered and practised diligently.

While scientific brand-building has been a norm for large-cap, well-established organizations in the Indian consumer/retail space, majority of players in India’s B2B market (including companies in the IT/ITES sector) have traditionally paid scant regard to this important aspect of their business.

As far as mid-cap companies are concerned, the problem has been further compounded due to lack of sufficient investments or often ‘insufficient risk appetite’ for marketing spends. The last decade has seen the spawning of a whole new breed of VC-funded start-ups in the tech space. Yet, only a handful of these startups realize that lack of investment in marketing or even customer understanding is in fact counter-productive to disproportionate investments in technology development! Sporadic efforts to grow business through a knee-jerk understanding of market realities and mere focus on ‘external visbility’ of the corporate brand is not a sustainable proposition for long-term business success.
Raghu B.Viswanath,Founder & Chief Vision Holder

Raghu B.Viswanath

Founder & Chief Vision Holder

A company needs to scientifically evaluate its position vis-à-vis competition on a continuous basis and do everything it can to continuously engage with its customers in a dynamic VUCA world. This is where Vertebrand steps in. Not only does it help recommend the right way for businesses to differentiate their brand(s) from competition, but the company also helps build a quantitatively measurable relationship with customers, based on empathy and experience. It also provides a set of guidelines for brand culture and ‘at-work behaviour’ for the company’s internal employees.

Unique Scientific Approach
Founded in 2000 by Raghu B Viswanath (Founder, Director & Chief Vision Holder), Vertebrand provides seamless solutions across four competency circles - Brand Identity & Communication, Brand
Research & Metrics, Digital Brand Engagement & Customer Analytics as well as Brand Culture. The company believes that unless all these competencies are synergistically deployed, a business will never be able to truly grow its brand value.Going beyond the conventional 4P (Product/Price/Place/Promotion) model of brand building, Vertebrand’s philosophy is to follow a 7P model to ensure that brand-building is more relevant to today’s business context. The company keenly adds value in the additional 3Ps – Physical Environment, People and Processes.

“We help any business grow profitably – through its brand,” says Raghu. “17 years on, Vertebrand has emerged as India’s largest integrated brand value collective because of our ability to seamlessly provide multiple services under one roof.”

“In my opinion, the real success of Vertebrand has been in our perseverance – our ability to hang on in there against all odds,” says Nalin Khannaa, Group Managing Director & CEO, Vertebrand. “India is a country which does not easily value intellectual capital. The fact that Vertebrand has managed to rapidly scale and build a consulting organization comprising over 50 full-time senior professionals today, speaks volumes of the organization’s relentless focus on ‘living’ its own value proposition”!