VANS Chemistry: An Earnest Promoter of Circular Economy with Global Expertise

Venkatesha Murthy,Founder & MD

Venkatesha Murthy

Founder & MD

In India, 95 percent of e-Waste is handled by informal sectors and the remaining is shared by formal recyclers. Businesses in unregulated, profitdriven, informal e-Waste recycling sector are comprised almost entirely of private, backyard workshops, which are mostly single roofed establishments employing women and children. Unfortunately, most of these establishments use primitive recycling techniques such as acid leaching, burning, melting and manual breaking, which result in health, safety and environmental problems, resource depletion, deterioration of air, water & soil quality, and data loss in storage devices.

Due to lack of enforcement and inadequate knowledge of generators, the informal sector is still dominating the market. Yet, there are real players holding the expertise, experience and true passion to transform the current scenario of e-Waste Management with green solutions. VANS Chemistry Pvt. Ltd. is one such Singapore based e-Waste Management company that has setup its Integrated e-Waste Recycling and Recovery Facility in Bangalore to provide turnkey solutions to all kinds of e-Waste generators, including households. VANS is engaged in executing the right way of e-Waste recycling by leveraging Indian & global compliances like ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001 and R2 (SERI US).

VANS is led by Venkatesha Murthy (Founder & MD), a global icon and one of the pioneers of e-Waste Recycling & Precious Metals
Refining Platform, who is recognized internationally for his know how and innovative technologies. Due to his contribution to the green environment, he was appointed as Board of Director and Steering Committee Member of SERI (US), WRF (Swiss), IERC (Swiss), WMRAS (Singapore), Technical & Innovation Committee (Singapore), UNEP-APO (Asian Ambassador), and many others. He was awarded ‘NRI of the Year’ in 2014 and felicitated by ICICI & Times Now group jointly. Under his leadership, VANS has witnessed flying colours not just in its Bangalore unit but globally too for a span of 25+ years.

VANS is equipped with the right experience, right legislations/policies, right recycling technologies, and integrated yet costeffective e-Waste management services

Creating Sustainable Future!
Venkatesha articulates, “Our objective is to treat e-Waste as a resource, extract all the valuables from it and put them back into the supply chain”. VANS’ primordial goal is to be a part of the sustainable circular economy, which involves reusing every material as long as possible in contrast to the traditional take, make, use and throw methods. To achieve this, VANS is equipped with the right experience, right legislations/policies, right recycling technologies, and integrated yet cost-effective e-Waste management services. These services include collection through reverse logistics, dismantling, environmentalfriendly recycling, and recovery of e-Waste valuables along with utmost data protection and complete mass documentation. Relishing this range of exemplary services is VANS’s client base that includes Siemens, 3M India, IBM and many other behemoths.

VANS is seamlessly creating awareness among the public on environmental-friendly ways of e-Waste recycling, and also associating with various electronics product manufacturers, educational institutions and public sector for the same. Venkatesha adds, “Every stakeholder, be it electronic product manufacturers, consumers, Government agencies or recycling companies, ought to take utmost responsibility in e-Waste management till the point of sending the resources back into supply chain”.

Since 2012, VANS has been witnessing a good growth in revenue. Adhering to the zero landfill policy, the firm is currently involved in seamless R&D in-house, while aspiring to acquire an unparalleled leadership position in the Indian market in terms of revenue, technology or services. Moreover, VANS also envisions being the gateway for all companies in Asia Pacific by leveraging the cost advantage and huge demand for electronics in India.