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  • 10 Most Promising e-Waste Management Services Providers - 2019

    Electronic waste (e-Waste) is an emerging serious public health and environmental issue in our country. India ranks fifth largest electronic waste producer in the world that generates approximately two million tons of e-waste every year and additionally an undisclosed amount of e-waste is imported from other countries across the world as well. The enhancement in quantity of e-waste is not due to the increased consumption but also obsolescence. Today, people discard mobiles, old computers and other gadgets much faster than before whereas these electronics generates toxic emissions and poses several health hazards. E-waste if stored and not dismantled is not hazardous in nature but in reality majority of the e-waste is recyclable....

10 Most Promising e-Waste Management Services Providers - 2019

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Ash Recyclers Ash Recyclers A. Syed Hussain, Founder & Promoter An organization with dedicated services that is setting a benchmark in collecting and reusing e-Waste by thoroughly following the government rules & guidelines
Evergreen Recyclekaro Evergreen Recyclekaro Rajesh R. Gupta, Founder, Shubhranshu Srivastava, Operations Manager A company authorized by the Central Pollution Control Board and holding ISO 9000: 2008, ISO 14001:2004 & R2 (Responsible Recycler) certification, which is also all set to launch India’s first lithium battery recycling plant
Exigo Recycling Exigo Recycling Preeti Tiwari, Manager - Communication & Sustainability Maintaining persistency between proper collection and disposal of e-waste through its unique EPR (Green Underwriting Services) and rigorous data security solutions (mobile/portable shredding, witness and prototype destruction services)
GreenWaves GreenWaves Anil Chowdary, Managing Director The first APPCB certified e-Waste company , that collects e-Waste items to reduce, reuse, recycle and transform them into new products through continuous innovative approach in recycling technology
M/s E Waste Recyclers India M/s E Waste Recyclers India Sunita Arora, CEO With its state-of-the-art infrastructure, capabilities and well trained team, EWRI envisions delivering present & future generation, a better & cleaner air to breathe in, purer water to drink and a healthier planet
Prakruthi Recycling Prakruthi Recycling Ullas Das, Senior Manager A KSPCB certified company specializing in maximizing the value recovery for clients while providing environmentally responsible recycling processes along with the IT assets management
RK Recycle RK Recycle Ramesh H Kharwar, Director A provider of a full range of secure & cost-efficient WEEE recycling services that recycles every single material in a security tight & environmentally sound manner
Re Teck Re Teck Pankaj Tirmanwar, Director The first Indian e-Waste management firm that runs on solar power adhering to green & eco-friendly initiative, offering post-consumer take back and recycling, closed loop of components and 3R solutions to major electronics & technology brands and others
Shree Recyclers Shree Recyclers Vineet Biyani, CEO This 2015 founded company not just extracts IT dead wastes like computer, laptop, mobile phone and wires but also accomplishes data destruction in a safe environment
VANS Chemistry VANS Chemistry Venkatesha Murthy, Founder & MD Leveraging global compliances and unique hands-on experiences in e-Waste recycling, the firm is endeavouring to become a part of circular economy and thus, safeguard our planet