Universal Signage: Offering Premium, High - Quality, Innovative & Customized Signage Products

Rajesh Shroff,Owner
Rajesh Shroff

As you walk across the market, shopping malls, or drive through the roads, you always see eye-catching sign boards, LED screens and display products. Gone are the days when flex were the only medium to give information on the retailers & brands, and also represented them. With the advent of technology, the simple neon signage boards & flex are replaced by LED signage, Acrylic kiosks, backlit signage and so on. Ahmedabad -based Universal Signage is one such company that deals with all display products & services under one roof. “From production to installation, we assure you that every aspect of the assignment will be carefully implemented by our proficient, skilled and approachable team. We believe we have a sound record of achievements across PAN India,” asserts Rajesh Shroff, Owner, Universal Signage.

Trend& Signage: Going Hand-in-Hand
Established in 1992, Universal Signage initially started-off making neon boards, but gradually
evolved as a full-fledged digital display & signage solutions provider, each tailor-made as per the clients’ niche requirements. Keeping customers as its priority, Universal Signage maintains a separate sampling division where the highly professional team develops innovative products to give unique identity to their customer’s brand image. Post comprehending clients’ need, the company has a brief discussion on the materials, design & other related factors and finalizes the sample to roll-it-out across India. “Many a times, customers come to us only for samples and complete the task elsewhere. Our main thrust is always on prototype sampling of the product (around 5000 samples so far) before finalizing the job, thus providing customer-friendly services to our clients,” says Rajesh.

"Universal Signage maintains a separate sampling division where the highly professional team develops innovative products to give unique identity to their customer’s brand image"

A-Z of Signage Under One Roof
The company offers a distinct range of products such as ACP LED signage with LED, Acrylic fabrication & kiosk /lollipops, stall exhibition, all types of LED board, store elements, metal letters, and totem, as well as Highway reflective signage, all under one roof. Universal Signage was an authorized LED signage partner of GE LED which comprises of LED signage solutions. It is also
authorized converter for 3M who deals with Commercial Graphics Division and Traffic Safety. With 3M, the company offers high-quality backlit signage, fleet graphics,& in-shop branding, reflective signage & road, building and factory signage. 3M even issues certificate of guarantee on Universal Signage’s products post a rigorous check-on its quality and durability.

Recently, when RBI announced to open maximum ATMs in remote places of Gujarat, Universal Signage had installed more than 5000 ATM signages across the state. The company has a fine record of working with regional & national signage projects from single to multiple site at a time while it has also worked with PSU and PVT Banks, retailers, corporate (Vodafone Essar, Idea, Samsung India, Puma, Levis) and local retail customers. Universal Signage has also worked on NH road (Cantiliver, Gantry) signs, as well as private corporate road signs (mandatory and cautionary signs).

“Sustaining the needs of the society through trust & confidence of the clients and meeting future needs, we focus on ‘Work with client's thought' and continuously improve our performance to address the on-going challenges and prospects. We envision expanding globally with new innovations & more focus on quality while adopting new technology and machinery,” concludes Rajesh.