• Aarkay Signs: Dictating Professionalism, Quality & Innovation to the Signage Industry
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    Aarkay Signs: Dictating Professionalism, Quality & Innovation to the Signage Industry

    Corporate signage are the brand identity of any organization. It is as essential to create enduring signage as it is to have an attractive brand logo. Be it Google, Yahoo, Intel, Microsoft or any among that breed, we will never fail to recognize their colorful, arresting brand logos, even in the interim of our day dreams. We have known them backwards and forwards from the 2D era! Have you ever wondered about the magic behind their brand-logos looking extremely alluring even in the 3D &digital avatars without losing the old world charm? Well, in India, there is a common signage company that helps them mold into the new era of signage. The Indian ‘signage factory’, Aarkay Signs - a team of award winning designers & manufacturers with more than two decades of experience - has been that...


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