Ummeed Psychological Counseling Centre: Positive Strength Based Child & Adolescent Counselling

Salony Priya, Founder & Director

Salony Priya

Founder & Director

India is facing a mental illness epidemic. With over 10 percent of our population facing some form of mental illness, the need for psychological intervention has never been higher. Unfortunately, the lack of awareness about mental illness coupled with the stigma attached to seeking professional help makes it tough for patients to even acknowledge their ailment. Working towards removing the taboo surrounding mental illness, advocating positive life for the large populace and rendering genuine empathetic psychological care is Ummeed Psychological Counseling Centre, a Kolkata-based psychology center. With a major focus on child and adolescent issues, the facility renders teachers’ training, counseling to parents and general life skill counseling. In a bid to strengthen the counseling ecosystem in the country, the firm also provides internship opportunities to students and professionals alike.

At the helm of affairs is Salony Priya (Founder & Director), who leverages her 14 years long illustrious career of working as a psychologist, HR trainer and parenting expert with psycho education of educators, parents, various community outreach programmes and association with educational institutions from PG level to kindergarten level. Under
her sound guidance, Ummeed has emerged as the foremost pure psychology centre with positive strength based counselling services, away from any medical or psychiatric setup.

" With a major focus on child and adolescent issues, Ummeed renders teachers’ training, counseling to parents and general life skill counseling "

Counselling Adolescents
The transitional phase of a child growing into an adult can be a tumultuous journey for the individual, as well as his/her parents. Adolescents often face challenges such as adjustment difficulties, scholastic backwardness, behavioural issues, non-assertiveness and character /personality disorders. Ummeed relies on rendering sound counselling, which is highly effective as a behaviour intervention especially in educational setups. The firm’s counsellors read through the understated symptoms and intervene before the problem grows tenfold. Designed to help adolescents resolve problems in future, the company’s adolescent counselling enables clients to adjust better, develop rational decision-making skills and develop constructive pursuits. Ummeed’s counsellors also help adolescents correct situational difficulties, better their personal and group skills and facilitate the development of a desirable value system.

Helping Hand to Parents & Students Alike
Parenting can be a daunting task and seeking professional advice can act as an encouragement for parents. Ummeed renders training on parenting skills to help them handle their children better. The firm makes use of checklists and
questionnaires that enable parents to understand their style and areas to work on. The counselors also teach parents age appropriate behavior communication techniques. The firm utilizes play therapy in order to resolve issues pertaining to anxiety, phobias and sexual abuse for children below 10 years of age.

In addition to counselling parents, Ummeed also works with school students through individual and group counselling. “While through a group setting, we can address topics such as respecting self & others, accepting differences, peer mediation and understanding school decorum, individual counselling helps children enhance self-esteem, manage anger & irritability, plan a better schedule for studying, identifying personal strengths and effective stress management,” explains Salony.

Growing from Strength to Strength
Founded in 2010, Ummeed has since built a varied client base which includes patients from affluent families and from the lowest strata of society alike. Treating over 500 clients every month, the firm has solidified its position as the foremost psychology centre in Eastern India. With the objective of bringing more trained professionals in the ecosystem, Ummeed will make professional training available online and offline to people perusing a career in counselling. In the coming years, the company is looking to add more services to its roster in order to emerge as a one-stop-solution for all child and adolescent concerns.