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  • 20 Most Promising Parenting Classes - 2018

    Parenting education is a phenomenon young parents wonder about when a child is born. Several studies bring out the fact that, parents can benefit in a great deal if any guidance are offered from others in raising their children and parenting education can boost a child’s ability to deal with the people around them. India is now witnessing a surge of  such organizations where the young parents are being handheld and offered valuable advices who are struggling with the nuances of parenting, pregnancy and child care. Such platforms are perfect for the working couples who struggle to find guidance and also at discomfort in sharing their pain points in open. Theses platforms help them balance their work lives and also connect with the peers, share experience and gain...

20 Most Promising Parenting Classes - 2018

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Ananya Learning Center Ananya Learning Center Madhavi Adimulam, Founder Aiding parents of children with diverse educational needs to cope-up with parenthood problems & pressures in such a way that will enhance, rather than, hinder the growth of their child
Center For Positive Learning Center For Positive Learning Dr. Gowthavaram C Kavitha, Executive Director CPL aims to provide motivational talks,counselling services, Psychometric tests and workshops to enhance personal skills and happiness that felicitously fit to the need of an individual, Faculty development and corporate trainings
Consilium Instituteof Professional Psychology Consilium Instituteof Professional Psychology Dr. George J Kaliaden, Senior Consultant & Director A global organization providing consultancy, professional training, and specialized psychological services to guide parents and children to overcome teenage issues through bespoke counselling
Equip Kids Equip Kids Dr. Sandeep Kelkar, Founder & Managing Director Provides well crafted effective strategies to resolve concerns & issues of parenting & creates an emotional connect between parents & children
Human Learning Systems India Human Learning Systems India Nivedita Amitabh, Joint Director Proffering platforms to parents to discuss and find strategies for everyday concerns experienced in their relationship with child
Learning Synapses Learning Synapses Sanya Hariyani, Founder Conducting one-to-one group sessions for parents of children between 0 -18 years to help them identify and hone its children's skill sets
Parenting Matters Parenting Matters Kesang Menezes, Founder Operating on non-profit principles in order to provide quality programs at affordable fees to a maximum number of parents
Parwarish Parwarish Sushant Kalra, Founder Focusing on bringing education and science in the area of parenting through specially designed workshops that cater to the requirements of parents and teachers of children from all age groups
Philosopher's Stone Philosopher's Stone Deepali Nair, Founder & CEO Programs give out concepts that help create a joyful family life and positive connections between parents and children, parents and parents & parents and their children’s schools
PlayStreet PlayStreet Mini Dwivedi Gopinathan, Founder & Director, Shereen Idiculla, Director - Clinical Services A centre for treatment for children with special needs mainly autism with a main focus on empowering parents.
Positive Parenting Workshop Positive Parenting Workshop Sonal Kothari, Founder Its Parent Effectiveness Training (P.E.T.) is based on Dr. Thomas Gordon’s famous model and is a tried and tested listening and communications skills workshop adapted by millions of parents in over 50 countries
Prerna Academy Prerna Academy Meera Ravi, Founder & Director Offering effective parenting programs that includes various aspects such as communication techniques to deal with various parenting situations, maintaining balance in the family life
Sangopan Sangopan Dr.Anjali Chaudhary, Founder Educating parents to craft their techniques to build an effective parent-child interactive communication flow based on the innate elements of the child
Serenity Surrender Serenity Surrender Shivi Dua, Founder & Director Believes in treating the root cause of parenting problems with inner power, establishing a more harmonious parent-child relationship
The Parenting Place The Parenting Place Dr. Debmita Dutta, Consultant Aiming at empowering parents with knowledge about their children’s developing Brains and Bodies to bring up interaction that help them feel emotionally secure and more
Twin Win Twin Win Vaibhav Pande, Chairman A personality transformation initiative combining life skills and professional skills to devise a system of involving parents, children and teachers to augment holistic parent-child bond resulting in the child’s overall development
Ummeed Psychological Counseling Centre Ummeed Psychological Counseling Centre Salony Priya, Founder & Director A psychology centre rendering positive strength based counselling services to children and adolescents along with teacher training and parenting advice
Wow Parenting Wow Parenting Paresh Shah, Co Founder Providing exciting parenting insights, videos with practical parenting tips, parenting articles and others