Twin Win: Melding a Parent-Teacher-Child Model & Personality to Offer Holistic Child Development

Vaibhav Pande, Chairman

Vaibhav Pande


In a rapidly changing world, parenting today seems subjective to fads and changing styles and in some ways becomes a competitive sport. Undeniably exerting enormous influence over a child’s development or too little parenting has its own disadvantages. Based on the grounds of understanding that parenting styles and the resulting child’s development is highly influenced by the personality of parents and caretakers, Twin Win, an unparalleled Personality Transformation initiative combining life skills and professional skills, frames a system that invites parents, children and educators to work towards enhancing child development.

This Delhi-based company realizes the pressing need to guide parents through effective parenting techniques and hence,
offers tailor-made catering to interpersonal skills, life management, group skills, analytical skills, grooming and idea -generation. Twin Win believes that the personality of an individual comprises twin spheres of life: Outer Sphere and Inner Sphere. The outer sphere means skills like language skills, articulation, body language, mathematical ability, reasoning skills and confidence, and inner sphere focusing on life issues like anger & stress management, handling exam phobia and more. Maneuvering parenting styles, counseling the child, and inculcating unique concepts like soft love and hard love and much more, Twin Win is truly a game-changer in its field ameliorating the system of holistic parenting and child development.

"Twin Win is truly a game-changer in its field ameliorating the system of holistic parenting and child development "

Customizing Parenting Approaches
Twin Win customizes and conducts workshops for children and their teachers, so as to obtain a deeper understanding of the child and model out effective parenting approaches. Twin Win also offers personal effectiveness programmes to work at an individual level. The personal
effectiveness programme, cautiously looks into the personality and behavioural details of the child acquired from psycho-analytical tests taken by the child. This programme comprises 20-24 sessions, where the child’s personality is shaped for the better. Subsequent sessions involve counseling of parents as well providing guidance to help their children handle areas of concern.

Advancing to Newer Heights
The company houses well-known psychologists and body language experts to train parents and children in these areas with exclusive one-to-one parent-child sessions. “Advancing to greater heights in the field, we have developed a new product which is India’s first-of-its-kind customized worksheets - ‘Concepts of Everything’. This will be available all over India and the parents will have the option of contacting the experts to customize their sheets for their respective areas. They can then subscribe these worksheets on monthly basis,” stated Vaibhav Pande, Chairman, Twin Win. Catering to 30,000 people annually (including parents & kids), the company has been increasing its revenue base with a 100 percent growth consecutively for the last three years.