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Mohammad Mohtashim,Founder & MD

Mohammad Mohtashim

Founder & MD

In the past, most online readers who preferred to learn new skills at their own pace from the comforts of their drawing rooms mostly found it difficult in searching dozens of websites to discover the material they required. Moreover, there was hardly any website that presented the content in a structured manner. Most readers during the process used to lose interest and were in a constant lookout for a much simpler platform that is more flexible, free of cost and easy to understand.

In 2006 Mohammad Mohtashim, who had worked with top IT & telecom companies including Nawras (Muscut), ARMILLAIRE Technologies Inc USA, Hughes Software Systems Ltd. India, and Expert Software Ltd. India, Convergys USA, UK and India, with his vast experience and incessant desire to innovate and help the online community decided to quit his job and established tutorialspoint, with the primary goal of catering effortless learning solutions to all the readers by supplying them clear, crisp, to-the point, and high-quality content at zero cost.

Fulfilling Reader's Experience

Hyderabad - based tutorialspoint designed to make learning experience easy and
fulfilling came into being with a basic idea of helping readers to have complete access to well-structured and easy-to-understand tutorial. Once the idea was implemented, there were few initial setbacks by the team. The primary issue involved finding good subject experts who were equally good at content curation. It took them almost five years to have a pool of reliable freelancers who contributed regularly to the site and during the early stages, they started by uploading 4 to 5 new tutorials every month. Since, there was no looking back.

Being pioneers in providing tutorials on technology-related topics, tutorialspoint provides their readers something extra. Enlightening on this, Mohammad Mohtashim, Founder & MD speaks, “Even till this day, we have invested a lot of time and energy. Over the last two years, we have diversified our operations and built an equally effective library of non-technical topics such as Geography, History, Sports, Current Affairs and worthy to mention the growing set of academic tutorials on Mathematics, Physics and Biology, and Chemistry. We have now stabilized due to the inexpensive Internet connections and increasing speeds, where our online readers have graduated to online viewers. To create an impact in the space, we are working overtime creating excellent video tutorials with the same goal of providing simple and effortless learning.”

Additionally, tutorialspoint with the agenda of helping budding programmers test their codes has created an innovative platform called Coding Ground. “We have integrated an online IT lab in
our platform. Most readers go through a lot of theory and come across different programming examples, but until they compile and execute the programs, they won’t feel at home. It is this requirement that motivated us to develop Coding Ground, where one can execute and run programs in 80 different programming languages,” says Mohtashim.

tutorialspoint has the most extensive tutorials library on the web with more than 20 million readers who read millions of pages every month, and is globally ranked among the 500 best websites

Connecting Tutors & Students

tutorialspoint has the most extensive tutorials library on the web with more than 20 million readers who read millions of pages every month, and is globally ranked among the 500 best websites. Recently, they have launched a unique platform called “Tutor Connect” which brings tutors and students onto a single platform, thus helping them have a wonderful experience without any hassle or boundaries. “I would like to request our students and professional fellows to try self-learning at before spending huge amount of money at paid online platforms. Wish you all the very best. Happy learning,” concludes Mohtashim enthusiastically.