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Raju Kurian,  Shrey Kurian,  Gigo Joseph ,Chairman,  Founder & COO,  CEO

Raju Kurian, Shrey Kurian, Gigo Joseph

Chairman, Founder & COO, CEO

It all began in 2011 when Shery Kurian encountered a dilemma rooted by his cousin Eva’s tutorial classes. As Mr. Raju Kurian was always travelling for business, it was Shery’s responsibility to take care of Eva’s tutoring needs. While studying in 8th standard, Evao pted for traditional class room based tutorial courses for assistance. As the classes were scheduled for Saturdays, family time was compromised. Coupled with this, they had access only to tutors available locally. This got him thinking. What if Eva could get access to the best tutors anytime from the comfort of her home?? That thought gave birth to TutorComp. Leveraging on his experience of building scalable software solutions, Shery started building a world class collaborative platform funded by Raju Kurian that can be used for learning by students and tutors across the world.

The Journey of TutorComp

One of the global leaders in providing online tutoring service, TutorComp aims to be the partner
of choice for students, parents and academic institutions in achieving their academic goals by providing E-Learning Solutions.The company strives to revolutionize private tutoring on the principles of personalisation, affordability and convenience. TutorComp enables the process of content delivery in a conversational tone based on the need, pace and level of the students – ‘the transition from one to many to one to one’ leveraging technology and global talent pool of tutors. “Based on the curriculum being followed, student is assessed and a personalized lesson plan is developed keeping his/her academic goals in mind. We bring in the best interactive feel of a live classroom to ensure student is engaged,” speaks Gigo. Their sessions are crafted over years of experience having delivered more than 100,000 sessions across 23 countries.

Headquartered in USA with centres located in India, Middle East, and Australia, TutorComp delivers world class services like curriculum based lessons, IT courses, language training courses like TOEFL and test prep like SAT and homework help. Elaborating on the services further, Gigo says, “More parents are moving towards online tutoring due to many of its advantages such as flexibility in terms of time and place, access to the best tutors across the world, recorded sessions and affordability.” TutorComp is proud of the quality of its tutors. Each of them is hired through an elaborate hiring process, trained on pedagogy, soft skills like accent and culture and technical skills. Tutors are appraised at the end of each class for continuous

TutorComp provides a personalised curriculum based tutoring service leveraging tutors across the world through a unique collaborative platform

Global Service Provider with Optimal Solutions

Being present in 23 countries with 200+ tutors and 20 channel partners, TutorComp has made its presence globally with services which are highly customised and personalised for school students, University students, Overseas Students, Home Makers and as well as for students outside formal education. The company raised funds last year and has been growing 100 percent YoY. The Global Industry Analysts (GIA) predicts the private tutoring market to reach USD 227 billion by 2022. TutorComp is expanding into Middle East, US, Australia and among the IT students in India by its innovative range of services and offerings in the respective domain helping the students as well as creating avenue for the tutors.