Trumarx: Aiding Enterprises to Recognize their True Brand Value

Pradeesh P.L,Founder
Pradeesh P.L, Founder

A brand or trademark is at the heart of every business and principal by which an enterprise can distinguish its goods /services from those of its competitors, develop its own unique brand image and build-up brand loyalty amongst consumers. But unfortunately, majority of small & medium sized businesses fail to register their trademarks due to lack of time, understanding of how to go about it and cost. Thanks to Trumarx – an integrated trademark consultancy & IP firm that facilitates multitude of established brands, SMEs & MSMEs in recognizing a brand’s true value along with its full potential by studying their current & later projectile to the future. This focus has changed the way clients themselves perceive their brands & compelled them to internally discover various profit centers to benefit from.

For instance, the venture has helped Byjus to manifest as a reputed brand in e-learning industry by building their trademark/IP portfolio which not only projects brand offerings & derive a valuation unrivalled in the sector, but also resulted in Byjus’ phenomenal
growth. “As Byjus comes from a very contemporary business segment & their brand offerings are very unique, we had to unlearn few things along the way,” adds Pradeesh P.L, Founder, Trumarx.

" Trumax associates with leading law firms worldwide to handle the international filing and prosecution of patent and trademark applications of the clientele"

Besides formulating trademark, this 2014 founded company deals with other IP services including patents, designs, copyrights and domain names, and associates with leading law firms worldwide to handle the international filing and prosecution of patent and trademark applications of the clientele. Trumarx gets into client’s shoes, performs detailed study of their brands architecture & genesis, prepares flow chart for the brands journey (current to future) and fabricates a final solution with the aid of strong software tool and the team’s excellent analysis skills which propel the brand into the intended horizon & beyond.

Dedicated Workforce & Technology Advancement
Moreover, its team of highly qualified & experienced advocates and award-winning stakeholders who are a brand in themselves with their professional and civic achievements, bring-in their expertise to assess a brand & chart a sound solution for clients across the globe. The team constantly upgrades their skills and domain knowledge via various boot camps
to understand the growing market & its ever evolving dynamics, and create more effective ways to deal with high quality legal and commercial crisis of the brands consistently across multiple jurisdictions.

On the other end, the employees also implements technology into various levels of business in order to serve clients better than the best. Having access to an exclusive proprietary software tool developed internally by an award winning stakeholder team & a manpower that is able to extract and analyze the output, Trumarx brings the most effective solution to the table. “The team at Trumarx have taken ‘unique selling point’ multi levels ahead & termed it as our ‘Ubiquitous Service Potential’,” affirms Pradeesh.

At the core of Trumarx’s success lies its capability to provide clients & their respective brands path breaking process as per the government norm and gather various legal parameters which not only give brand owner clear idea about how to process for trademark but also assure them they are at right hand for their IP services. As a value addition, the company is establishing joint ventures with leading brands globally, thereby expanding its presence in multiple countries and facilitating client to foster their brand in these countries. Clocking an average 95 percent growth rate (via multi-level conversion), Trumarx envisions to achieve 110 percent growth in coming quarter and keep growing by an average of 10 percent every quarter therein.