• Bizrights IP Partners: The Responsible Intellectual Property Partner
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    Bizrights IP Partners: The Responsible Intellectual Property Partner

    Why do we often refer to creations of mind as brain-babies? A probable rationale is that just like in the case of children, Intellectual Property (IP) embeds a social responsibility to protect & thrive it towards ameliorating the prosperity of the society. The obligation of protecting IP rights (IPR) lucidly stands well above building a lucrative business. But people, organizations, and often times the dedicated IPR companies fail to comprehend the dynamics of securing IPs, and confine their actions to performing the ‘postal service’ of IPR applications without any homework & follow up, which eventually drives to severe infringement lawsuits, when the applications get abandoned and any other organization protects the similar IP. Over the years, the problem statement has flared...


Protecting Your Intellectual Property in India

Rohit Singh, Head - Patents, Abu-Ghazaleh Intellectual Property (AGIP)

Decoding 2018 for the $1396 million licensing industry of India

Chitra S. Johri, Director, Bradford License India

Owning Innovation is Key to Network Technology Evolution

Vaibhav Khanna, Head of Intellectual Property, Sterlite Tech

Significance of Data Protection

Sumeer Sodhi, Partner, VSA Legal

The Man & the Machine

Vikas Narula, VP – IT, AU Small Finance Bank

Balancing Act: Technology Developments and Operational Efficiency

Scott Morrison, Chief Product Officer, Ascensus College Savings

IP Acquisition. What We Actually Buy

Santiago Fernandez-Gomez, Vice President of IC Design, Genia Technologies

Upskilling for a Cyber- Secure World

Ravikumar Sreedharan, Managing Director, Unisys India and Head of Global Delivery Network, Unisys

Build a Network of Champions to Increase Security Awareness

Joanna Huisman, Research Director, Gartner