Trivimus Technologies : Democratizing Digital Manufacturing

Parth Gathani,FounderManufacturing has witnessed a new dawn with the advent of 3D printing. From startups to enterprises, every business is starting to leverage 3D printing technology to improve their processes and products. However, one of the biggest challenges while manufacturing components is the level of complexity. Also, not every product-based company is equipped to design its own components and parts, let alone manufacture it at scale.

Addressing these concerns is Trivimus Technologies based out of Kolkata, by leveraging the power of 3D printing to assist businesses in their complete product development journey. One of the first 3D Printing companies established in Eastern India, Trivimus Technologies is a dedicated product development company that assists customers right from ideation to large scale manufacturing. Trivimus is part of a 55-year old business conglomerate, the Rajda Group.

Trivimus was conceived as an offshoot of the group in the field of manufacturing with 3D printing at its core. Following the idea of concept-to-production, companies' approach Trivimus with a concept or idea in mind. The concept is then deigned via 3D modeling and a prototype is built using 3D printing. This is followed by small scale production using a number of different techniques and then large-scale production via injection molding.

Incepted in 2016 by Parth Gathani and his partner, Gautam Rajda, as a 3D printing company, Trivimus has now integrated its services to become a one-stop solution for complete product development.
Clients with little or no manufacturing expertise can approach Trivimus which handholds them right through their product's ideation to manufacturing.

3D printing found its maximum demands in the jewellery industry. Since West Bengal is a well-known hub for jewellery, Trivimus started off by filling the gap in this domain. The firm began making jewellery moulds. However, to further extend its reach, Trivimus trained the local artisans or kaarigars to leverage this technology, giving them a level playing field as established manufacturers.

Gautam Rajda, Founder

Having made a remarkable impression in the eastern region, Trivimus drew attention from several other industries. Among the many successful implementations, Trivimus is particularly proud of its venture with a reputed FMCG company and sees significant impact in the sector in the coming years.

With operations digitalized, customers can do away with long, tiring process of getting the right manufacturing assistance

Trivimus offers several different types of 3D printing technologies to cover a range of materials and finishes. The four primary ones include Fused Deposit Modeling (FDM), Stereolithography (SLA), Material Jetting, and DLP. Using these primary in-house technologies, Trivimus is able to offer a wide range of materials to its customers.

In the near future, Parth & Gautam intend to go the digital way. They hope to make Trivimus' operations digitalized and customers can do away with long, tiring process of getting the right manufacturing assistance. Both Parth & Gautam contribute in their unique way. Parth, an aerospace engineer by education is extremely passionate about technology and the impact it can have in changing the world, whereas Gautam brings with him decades of experience as a leader in the manufacturing industry. Together they intend to further augment manufacturing in Eastern India with new-age technologies in the future via Trivimus Technologies.