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  • 10 Most Promising 3D Printing Service Providers - 2021

    The worldwide market size for 3D printing was USD 13.78 billion dollars in 2020 and will in-crease to 21.0 per cent from 2021 to 2028, at CAGR. Overall, 2.1 million units of 3D printers have been supplied in 2020 and 15.3 million units are scheduled to be sold by 2027. Three-dimensional 3DP active R&D and increased demand for prototyping applications from diverse vertical industries, including health and cars and aerospace and military, are anticipated to fuel development in the market. Additive Manufacturing is the name given to the industrial application of 3DP, which comprises the coating addition of material to construct an item based on a three-dimensional file using software and a three-dimensional printer. To carry out the process, a suitable 3D printing technique is chosen...

10 Most Promising 3D Printing Service Providers - 2021

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
3D Wizard Studio 3D Wizard Studio Abhinay Mane, Founder A product Development company that provides innovative solutions to fast track product development.
Accreate Labs Accreate Labs Ravi Shankar, Co- Founder Offer end-to-end design enhancement and 3D-print services on a wide range of materials including high-performance plastics, polymers and metal, and a state-of-the-art post processing centre, to deliver superior and consistent outcome.
Marcopolo Products Marcopolo Products Aditya Kumar, Founder Furnishes expertise in Rapid Prototyping, Prototypes, Metal Investmenrt casting, Plastic Prototypes, SLS, SLA, CNC, Vacuum Casting, Vacuum forming, Resin Infusion Carbon Fiber Moulding, Soft Tooling, and Injection Moulding.
Navidad Infotech Navidad Infotech Noel Macwan, Founder and CEO Provides 3D printing services surrounding materials like Polylactic Acid, Acrylonitrile But adiene Styrene (ABS), Nylon, PETG, and PETT.
PLANETA 3D PLANETA 3D Norm Couturier, President & CEO Dealers in multi brand 3D Printing machines and accessories of international as well as top class Indian brands for advancement in every industry.
Shapefy Shapefy Lakshay Wadhwa, CEO Offers 3D Printing services in over 50 materials and finishes, and 3D printing manufacturing solutions to individuals and businesses of all sizes across a multitude of industries.
Skape 3D Skape 3D Harsh Ramehsbhai Dobariya, Partner Makes available services like 3D Printing, Project solutions, and Metal work.
Stelna Designs Stelna Designs Sumanth Shenoy, Co - Founder An on demand design and manufacturing services company specialized in 3D Printing.
Strantel Strantel K. Padmanabhan, Co-founder & CEO Providing Engineering Solutions to customers in various fields through Additive Manufacturing methods.
Trivimus Trivimus Parth Gathani, Founder Offers specialized 3D printing, specialty metal & vacuum casting and rapid prototyping for almost any industry.