Total Smart Gifts: An One-Stop Shop for All your Corporate Gifting Needs

Naveen Dagar,  Founder & Director

Naveen Dagar

Founder & Director

Corporate gifting is the practice of using a gift to establish a connection with employees, clients, or prospects. Sending the right gift at the right time can motivate prospects to complete the desired action. Gifting can be effective in terms of ROI and satisfaction when used as part of your overall marketing or employee retention efforts. With gifts for all occasions, Total Smart Gifts can source customised gifts chosen by its customers.

Naveen Dagar founded Total Smart Gifts in year 2011 to provide personalised, useful corporate gifts that last a long time on a desk. They deal in a wide range of gift categories and subcategories and provide a wide range of gift options. Its mission is to make selecting corporate gifts for business easy and inexpensive. Total Smart Gifts wants every person who contacts them to become a satisfied and loyal client by joining their distinguished customer list.

“We provide all kinds of corporate promotional gifts merchandise, with end-to-end branding and packaging solutions to our clients. We have wide range of gift options and many categories as well as sub-categories of gifts that we deal in”, shares, Naveen Dagar, Founder, Total Smart Gifts.

Promising a Wide Range of Products
Customers demand end-to-end solutions with
short turnaround times and dependability, including branding and packaging. Based on the demands of the customer, Total Smart Gifts provides all of these services, enabling them to choose the item, place the order, and take care of the rest on their own. They always get the client's preferences before moving forward, which enables them to ultimately meet their expectations. They offer comprehensive services and always adhere to customer deadlines. The business constantly favours keeping its clients informed and clear of any issue.

Total Smart Gifts offers a large variety of gifts in addition to numerous categories and subcategories. Their main product categories include digital clocks, writing instruments, eco-friendly goods, and presents for physicians and other professionals in the pharmaceutical industry, office supplies, and many more. In accordance with customer requests, the business also offers drop shipping services.

We provide all kinds of corporate promotional gifts merchandise, with end-to-end branding and packaging solutions to our clients

“We believe our competitors provide what they have, but we always ask first about the clients taste of gifts, their budget, their needs, and so on. Accordingly we serve the options for selection and further procedures”, speaks Naveen.

The Founder and Director, Naveen Dagar, and the Co-Founder, Vrinda Nakul Vig, began their journey together and named the company Total Smart Gifts. As a key pillar of the company, Naveen oversees the groundwork to ensure that every client who places an order receives the best products. Vrinda, on the other hand, oversees the Customer Care team, Online Sales & Marketing, and handles all client inquiries worldwide.

She is a valuable asset to the company and knows everything about the products and how to describe them. Total Smart Gifts provides gifts to corporations and pharmaceutical companies; they have numerous large clients to whom they source and deliver things on time.

Currently, Total Smart Gifts trades and sources products based on client needs, but they have plans to import goods directly shortly. They are also extremely close to starting a manufacturing facility for corporate products. The business is creating a global team network and is accepting new employees.