Three Commas: Walking Along With Clients to Help Them Grow Their Business

Knock, knock. Who’s there? Opportunity. Don’t be silly, ‘opportunity’ doesn’t knock twice! Same smears to the competitive business environment today where an entrepreneurs need to be on their toes and reach out for multiple ways to manage and grow their business. According to an estimate, there are over 10,000+ big and small consulting firms in India, most of them providing services to large companies who anyways have resources and dedicated team to implement strategies and suggestion of the consultant. But SMEs and family managed business are under-served and cannot afford to hire big names.

Founded in 2014 by Priti Menon and Jitesh Saiya, Three Commas Advisory Service LLP was incorporated with a vision to help SMEs and family-managed business run more efficiently with systemized processes and helping them with growth and expansion opportunities. Later this October, the company was rechristened as Three Commas Solutions LLP to communicate its expanded bouquet of consultant and methodology which included walking along with its clients in their implementation journey and enabling them achieve goals and tangible business outcomes.

Today the company serves it purpose via consulting and training services on management & strategy, business processes, and expansion. “There is immense potential with our countries SMEs and family businesses and when they get outside support from professionals and work as a team, they can achieve supper success growth story,” says Jitesh Saiya,
Partner & BA, Three Commas.

Services Offered
Three Commas predominantly provides three major services, first being Business Process
Development which essentially focuses on having a structured and organised way to operate various functions in the business by bringing in processes and procedures so as the business runs more effectively, efficiently and in systemized manner. The second being Business Expansion where it helps clients expand their business via organic and inorganic routes, while the third service covers Business Strategy Execution where the focus is on successful development, implementation and evaluation of Annual Strategic Plan for the company, with the purpose of goal achievement. On the other hand, Three Commas Business Training and Coaching promises to deliver improved sales, better execution, improved effectiveness and efficiency across the organizations, irrespective of size and sector.

The Uniqueness
Earlier, management consulting had always been about strategy, ideas and problem diagnostic; while clients had to shoulder the entire implementation responsibility. But today, the consulting process purview has evolved and clients work in cohesion with consultants and constantly monitor the progress. Three Commas creates a ‘timeline schedule’ which benchmarks its deliverables over a period of time that helps and handholds clients till the complete execution of project. With
Priti Menon,Partner&Senior Consultant

Priti Menon

Partner&Senior Consultant

challenges like trust issues and non-adaptability to change still in abundance in some clients, Three Commas addresses its clients before start of the project by familiarizing them with case studies and picturing them with before and after scenario of the project. “Every client we take on-board, we put our 100 percent, and this has helped us reach where we are today,” elucidates Priti.

Three Commas’ team specializes in the areas of- Planning, Model Development, Finance, Marketing, HR, Strategy, Operations, Legal and Training. They have worked with multitude of clients including Panchavati Gaurav, Baker Street, Chain Experts, Lifestyle Retail, Anjali Kitchenware and many more. The company has tripled its business scope over past two and a half years since SMEs and MSMEs started opting for consulting services. It now wants to leverage the growing need of consulting and be recognized as a premiere name providing end-to-end business consulting who walks along with its clients to help them develop and grow their businesses.