The Shakti Plastic Industries: Transforming Waste Materials to Plastic Granules & Products through Recycling

Rahul Podaar,Director

Rahul Podaar


A research shows India generates 62 million tonnes of garbage every year out of which 5.6 million is plastic waste wherein only 22-28 percent of it is collected while remaining is left untreated and dumped at landfills, rivers and ocean. Addressing this scenario, The Shakti Plastic Industries takes the unflinching responsibility towards creating a safe and clean environment by recycling & reprocessing all types of plastic wastes collected from plastic industries, municipals, households, NGOs and other plastic companies to produce plastic granules and other useful plastic products as per clients demands and specifications.

“With more than 50 years of experience & three generations in this industry, we are a leading manufacturer, buyer and seller of recycled granules at reasonable price range,” claims Rahul Podaar, Director, The Shakti Plastic Industries. Shakti is one of the few companies in India who bear a license to import all types of plastic waste & industrial scrap waste like PP, HDPE, LDPE, ABS, HIPS, PS, Nylon, Derlin, PC, & SAN in various color & forms viz. articles, lumps,fabric, films, agglomerate,
yarn, jumbo bags, LDPE bails, EPS blocks, regrind, recycled Granules, Loose Plant Sweep & Off grade material from countries like U.S, Saudi, Japan and Europe.

The in-house testing lab assures that its end products are of best quality which are largely used for producing high quality polythylene blow grades, high density polyethylene injection molding grades, and low density polyethylene

Also, as one of India’s largest cement bag,jumbo bags,agro bags recyclers, the company collects used bags from local traders and industries, which are then (along with other plastic wastes) transformed into plastic compounds and granules under its recently started entity The Shakti Corporation, which compounds a wide range of engineering thermoplastics, Polypropylene talk field & glass field, LDPE, Nylon, ABS/PC alloy, PET and Derlin. These granules are then sold to manufacturers of house hold applications,appliances, automobile, and electrical items and others. “We also make colors out of these materials as per the requirement of our clients,” says Rahul. Further, the in-house testing lab assures that its end products are of best quality which are largely used for producing high quality polythylene blow grades (for film, pipe &
drums), high density polyethylene injection molding grades(for crates, household, thermowares and more), and low density polyethylene (film, tarpoulins, sheet grades low cost materials, and many more).

Transforming Waste into Cash
Operating in major Indian states since its establishment in 1969, Shakti motivates ‘Kachra to cash’ and ‘waste mein se best’ philosophy to ensure less waste goes into the landfill and hence recycles 98 percent of plastic wastes it collects. To leverage the recycling process, the company owns all latest machines under one roof, like automated washing lines and ETP plant, testing machine like MFI, ash-content ,tensile, elongation which ensure best quality end product with minimal water & electricity consumption. The organization also ensures that the recycled wastes are not hazardous, effluent, and are chemical free.

Shakti promises a hygienic & safe working environment to employees and believes in upskilling them through various training programs on plastic scrap. Shakti also provides expert guidelines to waste pickers, NGOs and other industries, on any question pertaining to materials, segregation, prices and quality. “The pioneering efforts of my grandfather Late Vishwanathji Podaar, my father Vinod Podaar, and my brother Pratik Podaar has led to the growth of Shakti from 10,000 sq.ft. to 1,00,000 sq.ft. area with 15-20 percent revenue growth every year. We aim at 30-35 percent by next year and more in coming years,” concludes Rahul.