The Decor Circle: A Brand Known for Offering Gifts Synonymous With Elegance and Luxury

Tina Klar,   Director

Tina Klar


A word of appreciation or a token of gratitude goes a long way in strengthening bonds. Let it be a family function, a friends’ reunion, or a corporate party, we like to gift something that speaks not only about us but also highlights the connection we share with the person. In our Indian culture, we are well-acquainted with bestowing our near and dear ones with gifts but giving presents to express our appreciation has also emerged as a prominent trend across the corporate work culture. Emerging as an ideal solution for any corporate gifting, personal presents, or fancy home décors, The Home Décor has established itself as a premium brand providing accessible yet luxurious gifts across the market.

Established on 11th June 2019, The Decor Circle is an affordable Luxury Decor Store owned by the parent company 3 Golden Circles. The Décor Circle deals in luxurious décor accents for home and office decor, luxury crystal sculptures, decorative vases, wall décor, accent furniture, and many more pieces for your home, office, or garden areas. They came into existence to fulfill the void of affordable luxury in the market. They aim to work closely with each corporate client to fulfill their gifting needs with the best customization possible.

“We do this task with great responsibility by working on designs day and night with young aspiring teams of designers and manufacturing units across the world, only to serve new quality products to our customers”, briefs Tina Klar, Director, The Décor Circle.
Making customized gifts for their clients
One of the key concerns of customers is the opportunity to personalize items and pour their brand's spirit into the product. The product is expected to be elegant while telling the brand or gifting's story. The decor circle can assist in this case due to their competence in satisfying client needs. Having embraced different approaches and product lines to fulfill every client's need, starting from personalized coaster collections to bowl engraving, the main purpose of the decor circle is to constantly promote the client's brand.

From comprehending the company's goal to customizing each product to their specific needs in the USP of the décor circle, The Décor Circle goes through each step with great care. Always putting quality first in everything they produce, the firm goes above and above for their customers. The client's brand is always the emphasis of its work, and The Décor Circle has everything covered, starting from custom packaging to including their logos on products.

The Decor Circle is certain that businesses are looking forward to enhancing the morale of the employees through the culture of corporate gifting, and it is excited to be a part of that journey

“As mentioned above our customers need the product to speak class and incorporate their essence with the gifting. What we offer is a personalized experience, starting from designing the product to our after-sales service. Personalization is the key here”, shares Tina Klar.

The wooden bowls collection, the Crystal tree of life gift box for an executive office, and the hourglass collection with personalized logos for a fun addition to employee tables are just a few of the new products that are the major emphasis of The Decor Circle. The company circle is enthusiastic about this year's Diwali product lines as well. After the last two years of COVID lockdowns, The Decor Circle is certain that businesses are looking forward to enhancing the morale of the employees through the culture of corporate gifting, and it is excited to be a part of that journey.

By 2023, the goal of The Décor Circle is to be the leading provider of corporate gifting solutions in India. The entire brand of The Decor Circle is interested to take this journey as a team because they all have a passion for what they do. “We hope that our product lines will reverse the market's long-term trend of declining demand for personalized business gifts this year and in the years to come,” signs off Tina Klar.