Text Mercato: Expert Content Provider with Impeccable Quality

Kiran Ramakrishna, Nanda Kishore,& Subhajit Mukherjee,FoundersThe digital transformation of customer services portrays soaring efficiency on a managed platform rather than a human touch point (eg: Uber & other travel portals). Congruent with this idea, Text Mercato(TM), a neoteric technology platform in the content industry amalgamating business & people management, guarantees fresh content with uncompromising quality with its high-performance cloud-based content team. Converging the expertise of Kiran Ramakrishna (experience in handling 23 languages while working in the European content market, Subhajit Mukherjee (a literature enthusiast with extensive experience in software delivery management & business operations) and Nanda Kishore (been in engineering solutions since 2009 across domains) – the co-founders, TM was born in 2015 to provide a superior content writing platform in India.

Matching the writer’s expertise, rating and past data to the client’s content demand using algorithms, this custom-built portal provides a pedestal with hundreds of writers ensuring quality consistency and transparency to brands.Integrated software based writer checking and management tool regulates the quality by objectifying the subjectivity and ensures
plagiarism-free and self-duplication free content. The company even provides translation services along with copy writing (content strategy & bench marking) as its flagship offering. “We have in-house French and Italian experts who manage our clients from the respective countries and have access to translators in about 23 languages. If the volume is higher, we can scale using our European partners too,” proclaims Kiran.

Quality, scalability and competitive pricing are the three main business needs that all our processes and systems are aligned to cater the clients

Innovatory Tools for Exemplary Efficiency
This industry-agnostic company delivers end-to-end content adhering to the requirements of its clients worldwide including Amazon, Myntra, Edgeverve (Infosys), DAMAC (Dubai) and World West Media (U.S.) to name a few. To illustrate, for an e-Commerce retailer, TM manages the product attributes & descriptions, picture editing, category descriptions, blog articles and e-mailers with the objective of creating interesting content to maximize the brand’s visibility. Subhajit affirms, “We are a serious business without the formalities! Essentially, we do away with the ceremony but never lose sight of productivity, ownership and client service. We call ourselves client partners rather than vendors and we live up to that every day”.

“Quality, scalability, speed and competitive pricing are the three main business needs that all
processes and systems are aligned to cater the clients,” clarifies Kiran. Renowned for implementing technology to operate exemplary efficiently, TM is six months away from launching a software-based on Natural Language Processing that can create product descriptions automatically. The company is also creating a cloud-based content management system for the brands to recruit, manage and incentivize their cloud-based teams, yet keep fixed costs and scaling within manageable limits. Mitigating payment issues for the writers, the platform is connected with various bank’s APIs and will soon integrate predictability analytics in its platform to highlight issues by creating a success matrix with the usage of past data.

Future Roadmap
Growing its revenue at100 percent rate annually, TM believes that the angel investors have played a crucial role in amplifying its success. Having successfully utilized the two tranches of funding to launch the company and solidify its foundation with the sophisticated portal, it’s now looking forward to its third round of funding to enhance its automation and machine turning abilities. However, unwavering in its line of focus, it turned down an investment offer of Rs.4.72 crore recently as it was too early to divest. With over 70 percent of the top online brands in the country under its belt, TM foresees growing exponentially with its focus on conquering the B2B sector wholly and setting foot in B2C as well. “With automation, we will reach a much larger geography and clientele, and also support a wider range of client needs,” concludes Kiran.