Texial Cyber Security: Developing a Cyber Secure World with its Integrated Forensic Solutions

Mohit Parmar & Suresh Kumar B, Co-FoundersA recent survey by Quick Heal has found that 1,852 cyber attacks hit India every minute in 2018, taking India to the third position in the list of the countries experienced the most number of cyber attacks last year. Preventative cybersecurity approaches are no longer enough to withstand this rising tide. To deal with the current and emerging threats, we need next generation defense capabilities in the form of good ethical hackers and cyber forensic experts. Addressing this need is Bangalore based Texial Cyber Security, which is into Cybersecurity Certification, Law Enforcement, Awareness Training, Cybersecurity Solutions, Cyber Forensics Investigation and Cybersecurity Assessment services.

Working towards developing a cybersecure world, the company not just trains skilled individuals/working professionals on the latest cybersecurity technologies, but also renders cybersecurity awareness workshops & ethical hacking training to multiple law enforcement agencies. Spreading further awareness, Texial has been pushing women & children in the right direction with its awareness & dedicated training programs that give them clear understanding of the cyber threats and help in identifying threats & vulnerabilities. “We conduct a lot of workshops/seminars in companies/universities, illustrating the importance of cybersecurity, cyber forensics, and the necessity for ethical professionals, thus expanding our reach to many students & companies who we see expanding our
reach to many students & companies who we see as potential trainees and clients,” professes Suresh Kumar B, Co-Founder, Texial Cyber Security.

The company not just trains skilled individuals/working professionals on latest cybersecurity technologies but also renders cybersecurity awareness workshops & ethical hacking training to multiple law enforcement agencies

Helping Hand
Besides training & awareness programs, Texial also bestows cybersecurity forensics solutions and consulting services to all sized enterprises across industries, helping them to discover vulner abilities, retrieve security loop holes, and peruse digital information. Built on fast and smart technologies, this two year old firm possesses a mighty experience in handling pitfalls, including data retrieval from devices, penetration testing, fixing vulnerabilities in websites/software, by passing mobile/computer passwords & passcodes, spotting the root of cyber attacks, and tracking the culprit. For each of these complications, Texial performs detailed analysis and determines multiple solutions, but applies the most appropriate one in concern with clients. Further more, its highend tools, which are also used by the Israeli & American Intelligence, enable company to solve clients’ problems more swiftly and efficiently.

“We put our wholehearted effort to solve each and every case, since client’s satisfaction is our top-most priority,” avers Mohit Parmar, Co-Founder, Texial Cyber Security. Clutching a strong base of integrated cybersecurity solutions, Texial renders 24×7 services, where as its full fledged laboratory helps clients to acquire resourceful insights on cybersecurity solutions, including cyber forensics & penetration testing. On the flip side, Texia’s team of 30+ forensics investigators & analysts provide intense and swift online/classroom coursework, thanks to their handon experience. Candidates are examined via a realtime practical examination comprising of penetration testing and source code. Either it’s training or service/ product, Texial performs internal audit and scrutinizes the entire process multiple times before delivering, ensuring quality.

The company that was started with small investment in a shared office as a service oriented firm today upholds global presence with five offices(India, UK & Chad). “When we look back, the journey seems to be full of dedication and struggle, and we are happy with our achievement. We believe in fighting with challenges without giving-up, and we are not stopping until everyone is secured in the world of internet,” concludes Suresh.