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  • 10 Most Promising Cyber Forensics Services Providers - 2019

    Cybercrimes have taken a heavy toll on India placing it second to US among the top destinations for hacking attempts in the world. While 2018 witnessed an alarming 120 crore account takeover attacks, 2019 has seen even worse! In fact, around 45 percent of Indian pharmaceutical organizations were affected with malicious cyber attack attempts this year, besides 69 percent of firms facing grave cyber attack risks. Moreover, a recent study disclosed some of the most pressing cybersecurity issues in 2019 as advanced phishing kits, remote access attacks, attacks via smartphones, vulnerabilities in home automation & IoT, and utilizing AI. Hence, it is high time that every organization and individual stayed abreast of these cyber threats, attacks and issues. On the bright side; thanks...

10 Most Promising Cyber Forensics Services Providers - 2019

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
A & R Info Security Solutions A & R Info Security Solutions Amit Gupta, Director & CEO Leveraging an extensive knowledge & experience in security space to help build advance security enterprises ensuring risk-free IT growth
Cyber Cert Cyber Cert Tapan Kr. Jha & Riddhi Soral, CEOs Working on FBI Investigation methodology, the company offers high quality computer forensic investigation services to companies across the world, helping them investigate cyber frauds, data thefts, and other digital crimes
ECS Corporation ECS Corporation Vijay Mandora, Chairman & MD A unique venture that works towards enhancing the shape of technology in India by promoting eco-friendly practices and addresses futuristic challenges by offering solutions like Cloud Computing, Cyber Security, Digital & Cyber Forensics and more
FORnSEC Solutions FORnSEC Solutions Sachin Sathe, Founder With a vision to make the society crime-free, the firm offers end-to-end cyber forensic services to LEAs and civic bodies through a team of aficionados
Proaxis Solutions Proaxis Solutions Harini Girish, Founder & CEO Working on universally adopted protocols, the company endeavors to deliver top-notch forensics & investigative services to companies worldwide
QCyber Security & Forensics QCyber Security & Forensics Ramesh Babu Pothumarthi, Founder & CEO Providing next-generation information security, digital forensics and counter fraud management offerings to prevent, detect, resolve, investigate and report white collar crimes, cyber-attacks, security breaches, and corporate frauds
Synclature Synclature Ashay Rege, Director Securing the client's network and infrastructure by making it invisible to the attackers leveraging the ground breaking cyber forensic solutions and also detecting the threats before they inflict damage
Skynet Secure Skynet Secure Sachin Dedhia, Founder & CEO Securing the cyber world through its groundbreaking offerings and promoting cybercrime & internet security awareness across all sections of the society
Texial Cyber Security Texial Cyber Security Mohit Parmar & Suresh Kumar B, Co-Founders The company that was founded with a vision to develop a cyber secure world and adapts faster &smart technologies to provide cybersecurity and cyber forensics solutions to clients
Systools Software Systools Software Anuraag Singh, Co-Founder & CEO The only digital forensic product engineering company from India that bestows digital forensic, data recovery and mobile data recovery services, in addition to training & consultancy services