Techyweb: Offering UI/UX Design Services to Bring Ideas to Life

Rakesh Baikar,Co-Founder

Rakesh Baikar


In today's industry of rapidly growing interfaces, the most successful products and services are those that offer a great feeling when interacted, for instance ­ a website with an amazing response. This is possible if only the User Interface (UI) of the product synchronizes with its User Experience (UX). Thus, both UI & UX design plays a very important role in product development. An organization may have one of the most powerful product or service online, but if the usability doesn't cater to the needs of varied target segments, then all exertion is lost. Such is the impact of the UI/UX design in a product. Being an exemplary practitioner of this skill, Techyweb, a professional Digital Agency located in Mumbai, leaves a mark in the UX/UI space through its addicting, engaging as well as user-friendly designs.

Techyweb is a 2019 incepted start-up organization, but the way it handles undertaken projects is highly commendable. The firm is excellent in offering an array of services including Website Design & Development, Mobile App Design & Development, Web Application Design & Development, Digital Marketing, with the help of UI/UX Design. Techyweb deploys software and tools like Adobe's XD, Illustrator & Photoshop, Figma,, Sketch, and Angular, Node, CodeIgniter for development across all its solutions.
The Differential Factor
The firm follows a strong work ethic that leads them to achieve consistent higher productivity, without any prodding that many organizations require to stay on track. Most importantly, Techyweb believes in keeping the process user-centric, as it makes it more efficient and usable. Hence the firm follows a unique process of UI/UX Design and Product Development that makes its solutions highly efficient and usable. The method consists of 6 phases that are - Explore, Analyze, Define, Design, Develop and Deploy. This process helps Techyweb to tackle problems that are ill-defined or unknown. "Our well-defined UI/UX Design process seeks to understand users, challenge assumptions, redefine problems and create innovative solutions to prototype and deploy," states Rakesh Baikar, Co-Founder, Techyweb. This is a factor which differentiates Techyweb from its peer competitors as this is something not many companies choose to follow. With such dedicated work ethics, the company claims to take up a project from the stage when it's just an idea on a paper, to a live project with full-fledged functionality.

Our well-defined UI/UX Design process seeks to understand users, challenge assumptions, redefine problems and create innovative solutions to prototype and deploy

Apart from that Techyweb dedicates itself to providing a seamless customer experience by making the client an inclusive part of the design process which ensures high-quality content that exceeds the expectations of the client. Not just that, but where many organization focus just on the competition and delivery of the project without any usability testing, Techyweb takes extra care of the end-users requirements and builds the products in such a way that it meets the needs of everyone in the ecosystem. Techyweb always concern usability. Product should be more useful & meets user expectations and goals.

Going Ahead
With such dedicated offerings, Techyweb has etched its name as one of the renowned UI/UX Designing Company in India. It also has bagged a number of prestigious clients including Walplast, House of Paramount, StellarRays, Acars Realty, (CPAI) Cerebral Palsy Association of India, ecoist and more. While blooming constantly in the UI/UX designing segment, Techyweb has also integrated into the space of project management and is looking forward to adding more verticals, while expanding its presence in the coming future. "By the end of this year, we aim to add 50 more team members in our family. Apart from that, we have an aim to cover 100+ projects only in UI/UX design," concludes Rakesh.